This is your Captain speaking

Welcome to my website "Aeronautic Pictures" of die cast aircraft. My name is Lars Winther. I’m living in the town of Aalborg in the northern part of Denmark.

I have always had a serious interest in planes and in airliners in particular, I remember as a kid when my mother gave me 3 toy planes made in tin. They where beautiful printed in vivid colours - The type was  Boeing 707 in Pan Am, TWA and Flying Tiger Line - from then I was fascinated with those noisy machines that flew in the sky. As I grew up one of the best trip was to our local airport, back then there was some classic aircraft such as Boeing 720, Convair Metopolitan, Caravelle and DC-9. They said in my family “if it can fly..... it has his interests”. I most say that it has been very true ever since.

I have been a keen collector now for some years. It all started in 1998 on a holiday trip to Spain. I found a hobby shop and there were many small jets in scale 1:500 from Herpa Wings. I ended up with buying nothing, and to my regret vent back home empty handed. – But back again next summer - I bought my first 7 Scale 1:500 models from Herpa Wings incl. Boeing 747-400 Singapore Airlines and DC-10-30 ER Swissair. It has since been a collection of over 400 planes and still growing!.

There are only few shops here in Denmark selling die-cast models, so thanks for the Internet and online shopping. Now we “die hard” collectors can sit at home and buy our favourite models at a click.

Please visit the shop of Aviation Center - They have the biggest collection for sale and ship worldwide very fast!

My collection is all in scale 1:500. Generally of Herpa and Starjets +Hogan and Inflight 500 etc.  In the beginning was my aim to collect one plane of each type, but this has since changed to Airlines mostly from Scandinavia, but recently also Europe, Russia, US and Asia...........Also airliners that I have flown on have an interest. As in all sorts of collecting, you cant buy it all – this is true in my case, now I has to restrain myself to only buy the models that I cant live without.........But this is also way enough.

A couple years ago, I started to build my model airport and that project is nearly finish. The purpose with this website, is to have pictures of my models in a realistic environment such as my model airport. But I have also merged some of the model photos with pictures from the real world, just to make it all more realistic. -Try to see if you can find them.

The project regarding taken pictures of the planes has become a new dimension of the hobby- it has been a fun part too, with all the barriers to climb with the goal of crisp pictures. Be aware that the pictures of the aircraft cant beat the real thing of holding one of the models in your own hand. It’s an experience that can be quite addictive.

So takeoff and enjoy the flight.




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