Here on this site I will upload your message so feel free to write.




  Niels M. Fredriksen wrote 15 May. 08

Hello Lars, Most say you build some fine ships I'm impressed! 

I have now for a week studied your works and nearly exhausted the website


Niels M. Fredriksen



Jaap v Andel wrote 15 Jan. 08

I was looking at your site with that great airport. Looks very good.

Best regards
Jaap v Andel


Sven-Hendrik  wrote 06 Jan. 08

Hello Lars,

Cobgratulations and I'm deeply impressed by your website, your airplane pics. and your airport. Great!!!

Best regards,
Sven-Hendrik GERMANY


Per Holt Oksen-Larsen wrote 30 of Oct. 06.

Hi Lars what a cool website!

Your IJN ships are beautiful and not to mention the model airport -amazing.....How do you get the time to all this????

Best Wishes

Per Esbjerg, DENMARK


J v Andel wrote 21.Sep.06


Great man ,
I looked today on your site great photoes. I have a question. I saw in the cargo area those lori's/wagons with aircargo bij the planes, how did you make these
Thanks an go further with your site
Best regards
J v Andel

Matte wrote 20.Sep.06

Dear Lars !

First of all let me compliment you on your wonderful diorama and website!
I realized that you scaled the gear of many so called "old generation" herpa wings models. I was quite impressed with your work and I would like to ask you if can give me some hints and advice of how I can do this myself. I
currently working on a diorama of Hamburg Fühlsbüttel Airport and would like to "level" OG and NG Modells to scale. Hope to hear from you and keep going!

Best Wishes


John wrote 30.Aug.06

Just a note to say how much I have enjoyed the photos of your 
fantastic ship models and the way they are so wonderfully 
photographed.  You are indeed an artist/modeler to learn from.  
Thanks again.

John Luther
Austin, Texas


Axel  wrote 21.Feb.06

Hi Lars,

great page and marvellour pics of your great Menage model airport, wow! :-)
I really enjoyed walking 'round your big hub and have a look at all the
details. :-) And I even had a great stay at your Mayflower hotel. ;-)

Greetz from Germany,


John Luther  wrote 10.Feb.06

Just looked at your photos; they are great.  I only hope to reach 
your level of ship building someday.  They all look airbrushed even 
if not.
The sky and water backdrop makes the ship look so stunning and real; 
a very nice touch.  No doubt " this is not your first rodeo" as we 
say in Texas.

Keep It Up
John Luther



white_zero7  wrote 04.May.05

dear aeronautic,
     After seeing some of your work while browsing
around for airport models and airplane models. I
instantly fell in love with your airport.



James Kwan wrote 06.04.05

I saw your airport and it is AMAZING! I love the details.

James Kwan


Hartmut B. Krüger wrote 28.03.05


I found your side with Tim Kleine's Soemerda International Airport, a
friend from the forum and am overpowered by the
pictures and your airport.

That is simply wonderful and has succeeded very well.

greetings Hartmut B. Krüger

Mario Di Lorenzo wrote 19.03.05

Hi. I looked at your website. I love it. Its awesome, big and complex. I
sometimes show a link to some other websites I the linked sites are good.
Can I put a link to your website opn mine. How did you get the background
for some of the pics? I really love your site and airport. Kepp it up!

Mario Di Lorenzo


Matthias Thoen wrote 10.03.05

i just came across you pictures about your airport and they are just AMAZING!!!! lately i am gathering all kinds of info about model airports cause i would like to start one too. Therefore i was wondering if you could tell me what you used for your airport. I recognize Herpa, but did you use other brands? and the foil, is entirely Pixelport (printed yourself?)?
thanks again from a few country's below (Belgium),
Matthias Thoen
Andy Andresen PiXelport wrote 10.03.05

Dear aeronautic

Sorry, I do not know your real name, so I use your nic. Thank you for this wonderful airport model pictures, it must have been great fun to design it. It is amazing how realistic your work looks.

We have added some pictures onto our PiXelport website and also provided a link back to your site.

Andy Andresen




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