Spotter pictures

On this site I will upload my pictures of the real thing in Scale 1:1 So please enjoy.


SAR demo

Airbus plant 2008

 Karup AFB Denmark Jul. 14-15 2011.

Aalborg SAR demo Denmark 2 of Jul 2009 

Hamburg Finkenwerder XFW-EDHI Germany 28 of Feb 2008 

PMI/LEPA 2008 part 1

PMI/LEPA 2008 part 2

Danish Air Show 2008

Palma de Mallorca SPAIN Part 1 Jul/Aug. 2008.

Palma de Mallorca SPAIN Part 2 Jul/Aug. 2008. 

 Danish Air Show 2008


 PMI/LEPA 2007 part 1

 Hamburg Intl. 2008

Antonov An-225 at Skrydstrup AFB 24 Nov.. 2007.  

Palma de Mallorca SPAIN Part 1 Aug/Sep. 2007.

Hamburg Fuhlsbuttel EDDH Germany 28 of Feb 2008

PMI/LEPA 2007 part 2

PMI/LEPA 2007 part 3

Nobel Award 2007

Palma de Mallorca SPAIN Part 2 Aug/Sep. 2007.

Palma de Mallorca SPAIN Part 3 Aug/Sep. 2007. 

 Aircraft from NATO Exercise Nobel Award at Aalborg Airbase

Danish Air Show 2006 part 1

Danish Air Show 2006 part 2

 Hamburg Intl. 2006

 Danish Air Show 2006 Part 1 

Danish Air Show 2006 Part 2 

Hamburg Fuhlsbuttel EDDH Germany 5 of April 2006 

Airbus plant 2006

PMI/LEPA 2005 part 1

PMI/LEPA 2005 part 2

Hamburg Finkenwerder XFW-EDHI Germany 5 of April 2006 

Palma de Mallorca SPAIN Part 1 Aug. 2005.

 Palma de Mallorca SPAIN Part 2 Aug. 2005.  

Boeing E-3A


USAF C-130

LX-N 90455 Luxembourg NATO


 109th Airlift Wing New York 


Airbus A321-200

Dash 8- 400Q

LY-APK Aviavilsa white cs.

OY-VKD My Travel



Airbus A321-200

Dash 8-400Q

LY-APN Aviavilsa blue cs.

OY-VKE My Travel

LN-RDF SAS Commuter

Cessna 650

Fairchild Metro

Boeing B737-7L9

OY-JPJ North Flying

North Flying

OY-MRF Maersk Air new cs.



Canadair CRJ


 LZ-HMY, LZ-HMS Hemus Air

OY-MBI, OY-MBU Maersk Air

Airbus A320-212

DC 3 / C-47


LZ-BHB Balkan Air, OY-CNP My Travel oc.


Various aircraft

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