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There are many IJN modelers out there!

Ships in scale 1/350, 1/700 and smaller:    

1/700 Waterline Model Ship by Mr. Jeff Lin There is no limit to Jeff Lin skills! His pictures on this website is beyond hobby - It's ART.
IJN Vanguard Factory Webmaster: T. Kimoto This is a great website that display many IJN Warships in scale 1:700 and others. I particular like the building parts and IJN study also very good pictures of the models
Website by: Mr. Buton A very fine website with numerous models of IJN ships in scale 1:700 and 1:350
Takumi Works collection Very fine clean build Model warships in scale 1/700 particular amazing deck painting on the models

Gray Power by lastss Here are some of the smaller vessels that served the IJN -very well build 
1/700 Water line club by Staff  Very beautiful IJN model in scale 1/700 remember to see the tips
TK Model Factory Webmaster: Kiyomi Website with 1/700 and 1/350 IJN warships
No Text A skilled model maker from Japan with IJN ships in scale 1:700
Slightly Mad Gallery by Webmaster: David Bilek An Czech artist who make super detailed 1/700 ships also visit his tips!
Aprstar model blog This is IJN models in scale 1/700 at it's best
CHAMAME'S factory Webmaster: Gunma Excellent models of IJN ships in scale 1:700 and 1:350
J-Model Works by Webmaster: Omami My favorite website regarding building Akagi and Kaga. Fantastic tips on modifying the flight decks etc. A must see!
Wild River Modeling Room Fantastic diorama of naval yard and landscape
schroeder1250 Website of Thomas & Patti-Sally A 1/1250 die cast ship collector how presents his model in Hollywood quality! -A great site with photo tips
Picasa public web album by: Mr. Tounnkai My good friend and fellow modeler from Japan who build many IJN warships in scale 1:700 Also a great album of HIKAWA MARU and other models of N.Y.K. Lines ships
No Text Beautiful models of ships in scale 1/700
Ships in scale 1/300 and bigger:    
teikokukoubou A beautiful website with top-class scratch build IJN warships in scale 1/200 -Perfect for reference materials

IKARI Studio This website has been one of my favorite in many years now. The mega model of Haruna and all the ship in scale 1/700 is just addictive to watch
HIGH-GEARed HOBBY WORKS HIGH-GEARed Hobby Works Webmaster: Nara A wide collection of IJN model warships in many scales
Webmaster: Momiage  This website contain some of the best building description I have seen, with marvelous models of Yamato 1:200 and Akagi 1:450 and Zuikaku in 1:500
????????(?????????) Grand Fleet model Blog Various model warships in scale 1/200


MAKING OF I.J.N. BATTLESHIP MUSASHI in PENANG Building blog of Mushashi in big scale

No Text IJN models in scale 1/200
Model of Sea and Sky Webmaster: Miyazaki IJN models in Big scale many scratch build 
Study and reference materials:    


Digital Colorized Photos A massive gallery of IJN pictures digital colorized photos

National Model Museum

National Model Museum YOKOHAMA Big scale models in scale 1/100 and 1/200 
Watakan YAMATO website  A comprehensive website with material about the Yamato-class with many research studies that is untold at other websites
Yamato model guide Links to Yamato related websites

RGB Factory 3D renderings of IJN MUTSU a great source of reference when building a model of the ship
Picasa public web album by: yamaobe  Personal Web albums of model toy fairs, conventions and museum - Highly recommended for reference's 
Model story Modelstory. A website by Mr. Min Zhu producing stories using scale models and Photo shop as an art
Memorial of late Mr.Tokio Kawai A tribute to a marvelous model builder of IJN ships
Websites, Fora regarding IJN and model warships in general     
Modellmarine German website containing model warship in all scales
Nihon Kaigun The best English web page on the IJN.
J-aircraft.com Not only aircraft but also the greatest recourse on the net about knowledge of the IJN
Steelnavy.com One of the best model warship pages on the net
Mechanisms of Imperial Japanese Navy Warships in 3-D Mr. Ed Low's fantastic website of his passion IJN. His is one of a few IJN encyclopedia's walking this planet please visit his website
Click to get out of a someone else's frame Model Warships.com The biggest website about model warship

Modellversium German model forum and gallery 
Mikromodel forum Polish web forum regarding all aspects of model making, but it has a fine section of ships and IJN in particular
Modelarstwo A fine Polish web forum. Please note you can use Altavista or Google to translate to your language
Model Shipwrights Big commercial website with many reviews and model articles 
World Naval Ships Forums Fine warship fora website with some fantastic reference pictures (You have to sign in for access - easy)

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