Douglas DC-8-20

Douglas DC-8-20   Eastern Airlines "Hocky Stick" Colors. N8615  Herpa 513609 
Douglas DC-8-21   Air Spain  "1970s" Colors. Named "Isla de Mallorca". EC-BXR Herpa 513975

Douglas DC-8-30

Douglas DC-8-32   KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines "1960s Colors". PH-DCE  Herpa 513616 

Douglas DC-8-40

Douglas DC-8-41 Air Ceylon 4R-ACT Herpa 516785

Douglas DC-8-50

Douglas DC-8-51   Braniff International  "Green" Flying Colors N811BN  Starjets SJBNF084 

Douglas DC-8-51   Braniff International  "Blue" Flying Colors. N813BN  Starjets SJBNF085 

Douglas DC-8-51   Braniff International  "Red" Flying Colors. N812BN  Starjets SJBNF086

Douglas DC-8-51   Braniff International  "Orange" Flying Colors. N814BN  Starjets SJBNF083

Douglas DC-8-60

Douglas DC-8-61   Eastern Airlines "Hocky Stick" Colors. N8778  Starjets SJEAL126 

Douglas DC-8-61   National "1960s" Colors. " Tracie" N45090  Starjets SJNAL065 
Douglas DC-8-61CF   Trans Caribbean  N8786R Herpa 514064

Douglas DC-8-61   JAL Japan Airlines "1970s" Colors. "Hakusan". JA8041  Starjets SJJAL066 

Douglas DC-8-70


Douglas DC-8-73F DHL "2003s" Colors. N8010H Herpa 509510






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