Douglas DC-10-10   Scanair Sunjet "Mobby Dick". SE-DHZ Herpa 500142


McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 SAS oc "Gorm Viking" OY-KZA Inflight 500 IF5D10007
Douglas DC-10-30 Air Afrique Named "Niamey" TU-TAN Herpa 514880
Douglas DC-10-30 Africa One "1990s" Colors. 5X-ONE Herpa 514309S
Douglas DC-10-30 CF Spantax "1980s" Colors. EC-DEG Herpa 514309S

Douglas DC-10-30ER   Swissair delivery color. NA Herpa 500005

Douglas DC-10-30F   Fed EX N68049 Herpa 500135

Douglas DC-10-30   CP Air C-GCPI Herpa 500197

Douglas DC-10-30   NorthWest Airlines/KLM N237NW Herpa 500005

Douglas DC-10-30   Iberia NA Herpa 500036

Douglas DC-10-30   Hawaiian Air Lines "Orcha"Greates place to be. N119AA Herpa 511322


Douglas DC-10-40   JAL Japan Air Lines nc. JA8534 Herpa 500272 NG

Douglas DC-10-40   NorthWest Airlines NA Herpa 500104






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