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Best Of Show (BoS-Models)

scale 1:18

Model number: BOS320


Review of the model:

Cadillac is the carmaker that stood out as one of  the finest of all American cars in the golden period in the fifties. When you own a Cadillac in those days you had made it. It was a symbol of wealth and upper class. But a Cadillac was not just a Cadillac. They came in many series and you could buy an “Ordinary Series 62 Cadillac” and up to the limited production Eldorado Brougham. There was a step further; you could be driven around in your own Cadillac by a chauffeur!

1958 Cadillac Fleetwood series 75, 9 seats Limousine was the answer to your dreams above if you could afford the purchase price of $ 8675 + the cost of the chauffeur. This big Cadillac was THE car for CEO’s and Presidents and only produced in limited numbers (730) now the car is available for you and me too. Best of Show (BoS-Model) have made a big resin cast in scale 1:18 also in limited numbers, this is 318 out of 504! - so one can say with a smile, the model is even more rare than the real car.

The model is huge and heavy when you un-box it, the first things that stroke me was; where to park it! BoS-Model’s always come in fine exclusive boxes and the thrill is on regarding the well made Styrofoam inner box containing the model careful wrapped in paper. The best color for a limousine is black and this model whore this black tuxedo too.

The paintwork is brilliant with no flaw what so ewer! You can read a newspaper in this model reflection. And be aware of the high flare the chrome parts will shine in your eyes. This “little” model sparkles in the limelight. The wheels are all well detailed as well as the hubcaps. Even the little emblem in the center is present. All over the model you will notice the carefulness how the parts are assembled. Oh yes this is not a cheap reproduction model – this reflects also the higher purchase price BoS models have.

But and there is a but; this is a resin cast model and that means no doors or lids can be opened! That is truly a shame as the model could be more interesting if we have access to the salon and driver compartment. We could have a photo session with the entire luggage the vast trunk space this car includes. But no! This is a no go. Imagine you open the big hood to take a look on the V8 Cadillac motor with all the wires and stickers etc. No it closed for eternity!

All you can do is standing outside and glare through the windows to the world of the rich. And do not touch the windows, because you can easy be in trouble here; you shall not be afraid of the officious chauffeur here, but more about the flimsy cellophane, thin plastic windows! Not even the cheapest models out there have windows like this rather high-end model.

All trim parts around the model except: grill, door handles, side mirror, bumpers, hubcaps, hood ornament and light bezels are just silver paint! All the trim parts around the windows are just paint – what a shame. It would have been okay if the model car has been in 1:64 scales but not in 1:18.

If one have the guts to customize this model (I do not know if I have yet) one can invest $ 15 in a Molotow Liquid Chrome pen and some masking tape, and use an entire weekend on this project, to upgrade all of the silver paint. It might be worth it!

Before we ran away to the hobby shop take a look inside the model. This is the Cadillac with the movable window driver partition and you can clearly see the glass between. In those days the driver sat on black leather seats and the front compartment have the black interior. Back in the salon including the jump seats the interior have the light gray high-end fabric! I will say the interior is well cast, but missed all the fine chrome details one should expect in a Cadillac in this caliber. The radio has a fine sticker scale on it, but other important instrument is missing, such as the speedometer and others.

You might think now I’m not in love of this model. But if we take a walk around the car, small well made details emerge. Take a look on all the emblems, they seem to be made of etched metal and sealed in varnish to protect them from human fingers and polishing cloth. A minor problem I have encountered here before the photo session is, the ever present of dust particles! I always use a good amount of time to polish the models with cloth, swaps and brushes before the show starts. But this time, it was very hard to get rid of all the dust (you can notice this in some of the pictures below) I think now, it has it reason in the model resin body. Maybe the static electricity is the problem? In my other cast metal models there never been an issue here.

So to sum it all up: It’s always come to quality expectations for the price of the model.

I really like the model, but sure it has its problems. If you buy this model for just to have it displayed in a fine glass cabinet with spots on, you will not think the model is a bit weak on the things above. And I’m sure the 1958 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 75 Limousine will be a head turner whenever it will be in our office or down in the man cave in your cellar. After all it’s a 1958 Cadillac in tuxedo.

I will give this model 4 out of 6 stars  ******

Below here are pictures of the model, historical description, old brochures, technical data and some movie clips for the real car. So please enjoy!




  Hoax brochure frontpage  
  In Profile  
  A real classy Limousine from cadillac  
A car for the VIP's
This model from BoS-Model is huge due to the extended body
Very fine details on the grill, headlights and emblems
Realistic wheels and hubcaps
A shame too much chrome trim is just silver paint!
The black paintwork is impeccable and one of the finest seen
Note the partition between driver area and the salon
The rear window is smaller than "normal Cadillac's" due to privacy of the VIP's
Lovely bumper in chrome and real plastic taillights
No doors or lids can be opened on this resin model
Over 6 meter in length!
Note the air intakes on the top of the rear fenders
This is a huge model - only the Cadillac hearse and ambulance is longer
Compare the real chrome to silverpaint
Very clear windows due to the thin cellophane plastic
The car suck dust so it need attention often
Driver compartment with missing speedometer
The large salon with jump seats




The Cadillac Series 70 (models 70 and 75) is a full-size V8-powered series of cars that were produced by Cadillac from the 1930s through the 1980s.

The Series 75 returned after the war as Cadillac's largest model

The big Series 75 "high-headroom" car came as an eight-passenger limousine with driver's partition or eight-passenger sedan without partition, both having jump seats
In 1957 a tubular X-frame without side rails was adopted. This resulted in greater structural rigidity and provided for a lower body without a loss of usable space. Front end styling was marked by rubber bumper guard tips and dual circular lamps set into the lower bumper section. Side trim was revised and a dual taillight theme was used. Identifying the Series 75 were bright metal moldings, just forward of the rear wheel openings, highlighted by seven horizontal wind splits. At the upper end this fender break trim joined a horizontal molding that ran along a conical flare extending towards both tail amps. The Series 75 came as a limousine or in a nine-passenger sedan configuration, both with auxiliary seats. Power was 300 to 325 hp (224 to 242 kW) for 1957.

In 1958 there was a new grille featuring multiple round "cleats" at the intersection of the horizontal and vertical members. The grille insert was wider and new bumper guards were positioned lower to the parking lamps. New dual headlamps were used and small chrome fins decorated the front fenders. Tailfins were less pronounced and trim attachments were revised. On the sides of the car were five longer horizontal wind splits ahead of the unskirted rear wheel housing and front fender horizontal moldings’ with crests placed above the trailing edge and no rocker sill trim. The limousine and nine-passenger long wheelbase sedan were available once again.

                                                                                                                                             Technical specification:

Model years 1958

Assembly Detroit, Michigan, United States

Designer Harley Earl

Series 75:
4-door sedan
4-door limousine
Layout FR layout
Platform Series 75: D-body

Transmission 4-speed Hydramatic automatic

Wheelbase Series 75: 149.7 in (3,802 mm)
Length Series 75:
1958: 237.1 in (6,022 mm)
Width Series 75:
1958: 79.9 in (2,029 mm)
Height Series 75:
1958: 61.6 in (1,565 mm)
Curb weight 5,500–5,700 lb (2,500–2,600 kg)

Model Number

Body Style




Factory Price

Shipping Weight

Production Total














Imperial Sedan









Commercial chassis





NOTE: The commercial chassis features a 156 inch wheelbase and was provided to professional car makers for construction of funeral cars and ambulances, etc.

V-8 Overhead valves
Cast iron block
Displacement: 365 cubic inches.
Bore and stroke: 4.00 x 3.625 inches
Compression ratio: 10.25:1
Brake horsepower: 310 at 4800 rpm
Five main bearings
Hydraulic valve lifters
Carburetor: Carter AFB four-barrel Model 2862S.



Overall Length

Front Tread

Rear Tread


Series 75 58R & 58S (Fleetwood)





8.20 x 15 six-ply blackwall


Radio with antenna and rear speaker ($164)
Radio with rear speaker and remote control on Series 75 only ($246)
Automatic heating system for Series 75 ($179): for other models ($129)
Posture seat adjuster ($81)
Six-Way seat adjuster ($103)
Power window regulators ($108)
E-Z-Eye Glass ($46)
Fog lamps ($41)
Automatic headlamp beam control ($48)
Five (5) sabre spoke wheels ($350)
White sidewall 8.20 x 15 four-ply tires ($55)
Gold finish grille ($27)
Four-door door guards ($7)
Two-door door guards ($4)
Remote control trunk lock ($43)
License plate frame ($8)
Air conditioning ($474)
Series 75 air conditioner ($625)
Eldorado engine in lower models ($134)
Air suspension ($214)
Electric door locks on coupes ($35); on sedans ($57)
Local dealer options:
Utility kit ($15)
Monogram ($12)
Blue Coral waxing ($25)
Undercoating ($5)
Lubrication agreement ($34)


Old brochures of the car



































Video of the real car from YouTube

  1958 Cadillac Fleetwood Limo  
  1958 Cadillac Commercial  


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