Mercury Park Lane 500 Convertible 1959






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Model number: 5152

  Review of the model:

The biggest Mercury ever and Top of the line: Mercury Park Lane 500.

As Richard Rawlings from Gas Monkey Garage says: When the top comes down, the price comes up! - Sure true but I was lucky to buy this model at a sale at only 40 Euros! This is only a third of the retail price. And it seems to be a rarer model lately, as this color in Madeira yellow is discontinued from Sun star. As you maybe already have notice I also have this Mercury Park Lane 1959, in coupe! This car is so beautiful its hard for me to resist. As stated earlier, Coupe's are my favorite. But a big flat Convertible; BIG as in Aircraft carrier! Is a handsome car from the late 1950?

This model is well build with no flaws whatever I can find. Also Sun Star well protected Styrofoam box is a safe shipping cocoon. My model was perfect when it arrived here.

Do I like the model car, is it worth the money and is Sun Star a good manufacture brand?  .......... My answer is Oh Yes!  But I will let you decide for yourself. Please enjoy the pictures.

I will give this model 6 out of 6 stars  ******

Below here are pictures of the model, historical description, old brochures and technical data. So please enjoy!


  Welcome to Mercury Park Lane 500 Convertible  
  A very well designed car of its time  
Sun Star are very generous with their detailing on this model car
The color Madeira Yellow give the car a graceful appearance
A little look inside - some can wonder how they can make money on this model - at that price
Note the fine details on the lenses in the rear lights
The lettering on the trunk lid are made of Etched metal
A flawless build model car
Only the Flagship Park Lane have the chrome fender skirts
Elegant interior with matching colors
Under the hood the car have a powerful engine nicely replicated here
Lets take a ride in the sun
The cover for the canvas roof looks like real leather on this model
Look how well made the windscreen with glass is made
Movable sun visors and vipers
This is a comfort zone when it's the best

  A vast trunk with spare tire and well padded in carpet  
  Some of the last rays of sunlight  
  All in all a fine model car  
  Space age tail lights  



Mercury Park Lane 500 Convertible

 The Mercury Park Lane is a full-size automobile which was produced by the Mercury division of Ford Motor Company. While not officially introduced as the replacement of the Mercury Turnpike Cruiser, the Park Lane became the flagship of the Mercury model line upon its introduction. The second-generation Park Lane was positioned above the Mercury Montclair.

The Mercury Park Lane was introduced for the 1958 model year as a premium model line for the division. Available in two-door and four-door hardtop and two-door convertibles, the Park Lane offered the same body styles as the Turnpike Cruiser, though its distinctive "breezeway" rear window was adopted by the Continental Mark line.

Sharing its chassis with the Colony Park station wagon (and Edsel Citation/Corsair), the Park Lane had a 125-inch wheelbase (3 inches longer than the standard Mercury chassis). In 1959, the Park Lane wheelbase was stretched to 128 inches (2 inches longer than other Mercurys). For 1960, the Park Lane wheelbase was again changed, matching the 126 inches of the standard Mercury line.

The Park Lane was powered by a single engine: a 430 cubic-inch Ford MEL V8. Initially rated at 360 hp for 1958, the Super Marauder engine option package allowed any Mercury with the 430 to increase its output to 400 hp (the first mass-production engine in an American automobile to be rated at 400 hp). For 1959, the Super Marauder was discontinued, with the standard engine rated at 345 hp, retuned to 310 hp in 1960. All Park Lanes were equipped with a 3-speed Merc-O-Matic automatic transmission.

For 1960, the Park Lane saw a minor styling update distinguished by new tail lamps, rear fender skirts, 5 chrome accent bars ahead of the rear wheel openings, wide rocker panel moldings, and the addition of a padded dashboard.

In 1961, the Park Lane name was dropped (along with the Montclair) as the division reorganized its marketing efforts towards the better-selling Monterey alongside the introduction of the Mercury Comet compact.

Read more about the Mercury Park Lane Coupe here on my site!





Base price: $4,311

Type: OHV V-8, iron block
Displacement: 430 cubic inches
Bore x Stroke: 4.30 x 3.70 inches
Compression ratio: 10:1
Horsepower @ RPM: 345 @ 4,400
Torque @ RPM: 480-lb.ft. @ 2,800
Valvetrain: Hydraulic valve lifters
Main bearings: Five
Fuel system: Single four-barrel carburetor, mechanical pump
Lubrication system: Pressure, gear-type pump
Electrical system: 12-volt
Exhaust system: Dual exhaust

Type: Ford Multi-Drive Merc-O-Matic three-speed automatic
Ratios: 1st: 2.40:1
2nd: 1.47:1
3rd: 1.00:1
Reverse: 2.00:1

Type: Hypoid, semi-floating
Ratio: 2.71:1

Type: Ford recirculating ball, power assist
Ratio: 19.5:1
Turns to-lock: 3.2

Type: Hydraulic, four-wheel manual drum
Front/rear: 11-inch drums

Construction: Body-on-frame
Frame: Box-section perimeter frame
Body style: Two-door hardtop
Layout: Front engine, rear-wheel drive

Front: Independent, upper and lower control arms; coil springs; telescoping shock absorbers
Rear: Solid axle; semi-elliptic leaf springs; telescoping shock absorbers

Wheels: Stamped-steel disc, drop center
Front/rear: 14 x 6
Tires: Bias-belted, wide white sidewall
Front/rear: 8.50 x 14 (stock)

Wheelbase: 128 inches
Overall length: 222.8 inches
Overall width: 80.7 inches
Overall height: 58.4 inches
Front track: 60 inches
Rear track: 62 inches
Shipping weight: 3,955 pounds

Crankcase: 5 quarts
Cooling system: 22 quarts
Fuel tank: 20 gallons
Transmission: 20 pints
Rear axle: 4.5 pints

Bhp per 0.75
Weight per bhp: 11.46 pounds
Weight per 9.20 pounds

Total Park Lanes: 12,523
Park Lane Hardtops: 4,060

+ Not often seen
+ An archetypical '50s American car
+ Smooth operation imparts luxury feel

- Not often seen
- Tough for sizable frames to get in and out
- Specific trim bits nearly impossible to find

LOW: $8,000 - $10,000
AVERAGE: $18,000 - $20,000
HIGH: $30,000 - $35,000





Old brochures of the Mercury 1959



























Mercury Monterey - not Park Lane 1959 Convertible

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