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Review of the model:

If you have been around my collection here on this website, you have notice that Im full of praise of the 1959 Mercury, also from Sun Star. This 1956 model car from the same manufacturer had a sort of speak; slip under the Radar for me. Until now!

When we start a collection, we sometimes have our focus of other models first this was happened for me too. But it was first the beautiful two-tone paint scheme Lauderdale Blue / Classic White that caught my attention.

This is a very well designed car, the harmony of flowing chrome panels are just fantastic. If we add the big bumper and integrated grill in the front of the car, it is hard to think it can be even better. That only until we go all way back, to discover, the tail lights They are a masterpiece in art-deco style. In other words, we have a car here, which was popular in its heyday and will be desired many years ahead. Let me first give gratitude to Sun Star, who makes the model car available to us! This is a Platinum model with extra detailing, is it worth the extra amount of money? Oh yes! 

Let me guide you around the model, to highlight some of the fine details on this showpiece of a model. Interior are as fine as the exterior. Steering wheel and instrument panel are well done. We find etched emblem and decals here. You can even open the glove compartment! Lovely carpet and headliner are added. Try to feel the soft seats, with working armrest on the back. I may have forgetting some things here, but try to look at the pictures. Im sure you will notice more little things. Now we go up in front to look under the hood. Firstly look on the underside of the hood Yes here is the sound insulation. In the engine room we even see air-condition unit and richly details allover. Go back to the trunk and look at the spare wheel and carpet.

And at last try to touch the license plate! It will flip down to make access to the lid for the gas tank It cant get any better. All in all the paintwork and quality of all parts are made with tender and care! Perfect is the right word here.

I will give this model 6 out of 6 stars  ******

Below here are pictures of the model, historical description, old brochures, technical data and a little movie clip for the real car. So please enjoy!





The big M in its full glory



The grill and bumper are heavy in 1956

  I hope you have a big carport to this massive model  
Fine reflections from the sun highlight the Z-shape panel lines in chrome
Tow-tone paint suits this car well
She have a nice rear view
The tail lights are a masterpiece of its own
Note the star-shaped hubcaps and the emblems on the front fender
V8 225 Hp. Nothing is missed under the hood - Well done Sun Star!
Note the lid to the gas tank under the license plate
Now when I got the hardtop now, I will go for the Convertible too
You can open the glove compartment!
Is it a plane or a bird? The ornament on the hood is a nice feature on cars of the period
The two-tone paint go all the way inside too
A showpiece model
Can I get a ride?




1956 Mercury Montclair

This much is certain: In the 1950s, much more so than in future decades, the Ford Motor Company understood what a Mercury ought to be. It was a clearly defined rung on the ladder up from Ford and in the direction of Lincoln. In the boom years of 1955 and 1956, when Ford's products were undergoing an extensive restyling, the Mercury line benefited from a look all its own, one epitomized by the Montclair range. Their signature styling themes were the deeply hooded headlamps that formed a dignified prow, a massive bumper and grille assembly, and vertical tail lamps with eyebrows to match the headlamp hoods. 1955 marked the first year that Mercury was set out as a separate Ford division, having previously been managed by Lincoln.

It all added up to a conservative but undeniably tasteful and restrained appearance. In 1956, Mercury produced automobiles in four ranges: In ascending order of appointment, the base Medalist, the Custom, the Monterey and the Montclair. With the exception of station wagons, all rode on a 119-inch wheelbase, 3.5 inches longer than their Ford brethren. They were sizable cars; overall length was 206.4 inches. Coming off a record sales year in 1955, Mercury produced just fewer than 91,500 Montclairs in 1956. The most popular was a two-door hardtop, at 50,562 units. Convertibles were much more unusual, with 7,762 sold at an even base price of $2,900 each.

Ford was in the midst of a performance renaissance in 1956, having retired the venerable flathead V-8 only three years previously. It's a distant memory nowadays, but what motivated Mercury by 1956 allowed it to win five NASCAR Grand National races that year amid a relentless onslaught from the Carl Kiekhaefer-owned fleet of Chryslers (coincidentally backed by Mercury outboard boat engines). The big news was that the flathead's replacement, the OHV Y-block V-8, was enlarged to in 1956, and every Montclair had some version of it. There were three basic engine variants, ranging from 210 hp to the higher-compression M235 option, so named for its rating of 235 hp, which had a more energetic camshaft profile. For those seeking an even harder punch, Mercury offered a dealer-installed kit called the M260 that combined new cylinder heads, an even lumpier camshaft grind, and a new intake manifold mounting dual Holley four-barrels. The net output was--you guessed it--260 hp.

 The key visual cue for a Montclair is the heavily chromed rocker panel that sweeps upward to form a forward-sloped gravel guard ahead of the rear wheel opening, which was frequently festooned with an optional skirt. The side spears feed from the lower hood trim to incorporate two faux side vents in a Z-shaped theme that runs to the rear of the quarter panels. A contrasting-color cap beneath the front and rear window sills is likewise set off with heavy chrome moldings.

Not that long ago, these cars struggled to find buyers, as collectors were enthralled with other American cars from the same time period (think Chevrolet). Times and tastes both change. The big Mercurys of the mid-1950s are now highly respected for their bold looks and big performance. It was a long time coming but they're highly sought after nowadays.


1956 Mercury Montclair


Base price: $2,900

Type: Ford Y-block overhead-valve V-8 with cast-iron block and cylinder heads
Displacement: 312 cubic inches
Bore x stroke: 3.80 x 3.44 inches
Compression ratio: 9.0:1
Horsepower: 235
Torque: 325-lb.ft.
Valvetrain: Solid valve lifters
Main bearings: 5
Fuel system: Carter four-barrel carburetor
Lubrication system: Full pressure, gear-type pump
Electrical system: 12-volt
Exhaust system: Cast-iron manifold, dual exhaust with reverse-flow mufflers

Type: Merc-O-Matic three-speed automatic with three-element torque converter
1st: 2.40
2nd: 1.47
3rd: 1.00
Reverse: 2.00

Type: Hypoid gears; semi-floating rear axle
Ratio: 3.15:1

Type: Worm and roller with Bendix hydraulic linkage booster
Turns lock to lock: Five
Ratio: 20.0:1 gear; 25.4:1 overall
Turning circle: 43.2 feet (curb to curb)

Type: Hydraulically operated steel drums with vacuum-servo power assist
Front: 11 x 2.5-inch drums
Rear: 11 x 2.0-inch drums

Construction: Steel body on steel ladder frame with box-section side rails, five crossmembers and one X-member
Body style: Two-door, six-passenger convertible
Layout: Front engine, rear-wheel drive

Front: Independent upper and lower control arms, coil springs, link-type anti-roll bar; hydraulic shock absorbers
Rear: Live-axle on semi-elliptic leaf springs; hydraulic shock absorbers

Wheels: Stamped steel discs
Front: 15 x 5-inches
Rear: 15 x 5-inches
Front tires: 7.60 x 15
Rear tires: 7.60 x 15

Wheelbase: 119 inches
Overall length: 206.4 inches
Overall width: 76.4 inches
Overall height: 58.8 inches
Front track: 58.0 inches
Rear track: 59.0 inches
Shipping weight: 3,725 pounds

Crankcase: 5 quarts
Cooling system: 20 quarts (with heater)
Fuel tank: 18 gallons
Transmission: 21 pints (with overdrive)
Rear axle: 3.5 pints

Bhp per 0.75
Weight per bhp: 15.85 pounds
Weight per 11.94 pounds

0-60 MPH: 11.0 seconds
Top speed: 102.6 MPH
*Source: Motor Trend test of a 1956 Mercury Montclair two-door hardtop equipped with the 225hp engine and Merc-O-Matic transmission, published March 1956.

Mercury made 91,434 Montclairs in 1956, of which 7,762 were two-door convertibles.

Jim Donnelly



Old brochures of the Mercury 1956






























Video of the real car from Youtube

Commercial from 1956


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