Mercedes Benz 190 SL 1957






scale 1:18

Model number: 183539


Review of the model:

Certainly this little Mercedes Benz is a famous car; both in real size, but also in scale 1:18.
And many producers of model cars have the car in their inventory. Maisto and Welly makes fine budget level models and also the high-end manufactures of Auto Art and Minichamps makes some fantastic models of the SL 190. Sure this is one of the most famous classic Mercedes Benz ever, only excelled by her bigger sister the 300 SL roadster and Gull wing cars. The French producer of Norev makes this model as a “go between” the others, both in price but also in detail richness.

I most say I was very positive surprised over how well made and full of realistic details Norev model cars is – I will go so far to say: Here you will get the most for your money and that is all about quality and expectations for the amount of the price. You will not be disappointed. You can buy an Auto Art for 3 to 4 times more, but you only get a little more details.

When we talk about details of this Norev model car I most highlight some of the features that blow me away! Firstly the fitting of the parts, No ugly gabs here, the glass work and lenses in the head and backlights is one of the best I have seen. All emblems feel like real etched metal parts. Chrome trim and bumpers looks like they are made of the best material present. If I really shall highlight a part of the exterior of this model; it most be; the wheels! – They are just fantastic! They are so realistic, that one can be in doubt if they are real. There are small holes in the hubs and the iconic Mercedes hubcaps, with the tri-star settles like a gem in the middle. And don’t forget the rubber on the tires with small true to scale pattern and white walls.

The windscreen is also an important part of a model car like this. Here the glass is very delicate with no distortion at all – A details that’s gives the model realistic appearance when displayed in a cabinet or at a photo shoot. Even the black rubber band around the glass is well made here.

This Mercedes Benz 190 SL is a roadster with a soft-top. And Norev gives you the choice of having it up or down a feature I like very much, also you can have it up when the car is “parked” in the display cabinet – that will give the dust-devil a fight. Speaking of the soft-top; it’s so fine made and thin, that it will go for the real deal on photographs.

Of cause the main attraction on a convertible is the cabin interior! So lets have the top down, and take a closer look of the inside of the model car. This crème colored body have a black soft top. When it comes down a chocolate brown interior is reviled. Now you can put the soft top cover on the model and it’s ready for a trip on the French Riviera or nearest Boulevard. Cars from the fifties and sixties interiors, and specially the open convertibles, all have this undefined touch of class and style. It looks and feels very luxurious. Norev have not cut corners on their model here; as all of the “bells and whistles” are represented to true scale. Just look at the steering wheel, with the crème colored Bakelite and center Mercedes star-emblem. If you really look close, you will see the radio is tuned in on the dashboard.

Would you like to see the motor? Let’s go up front; remember to lock the hood with the stick on the left side. The big Mercedes Benz aluminum motor block, is resting deep in the engine compartment. The powerful 104 hp. strait 4 cyl. And along with carburetors and air filter etc. We find the wires and distributors. Oh yes they all are here. Up on the firewall we find real motor sign plates from Mercedes. We can’t stand here all day and glance; we have to go to the trunk.

Just lift on the small handle on the deck lid. Inside we see the spare wheel on to the left and the space is sparse with only place for two suitcases. But if you on a road trip you can have extra baggage behind the bucket leather seats.

After all my praise of this model one can ask: Is it perfect, are all the parts okay?
- No, but only three thing is “missing” First there is no spring suspension. But hey! The car stands correct on the ground, so no tears from my side. The grill on front of the car could have some sort of etched metal grill on it. – Here is only black paint. Lastly the carpet in the cabin and trunk is missing – it’s not a big deal, but it will have been nice to have it!

Only 3 cons on a model that sells for 55-90 Euros I will say it’s a bargain. And I will have it very difficult to restrain myself not to buy more model cars from Norev – Oh they make many fine classic Mercedes Benz´s….I hope I’m not going broke before they are in my garage!

Regarding the amount of stars I give this model: I can’t only give this little fine model “only” 5 star …..It most has full remarks, even if there is no carpet and grill etched metal.
Boy this is a good model!!

I will give this model 6 out of 6 stars  ******

Below here are pictures of the model, historical description, old brochures, technical data and some movie clips for the real car. So please enjoy!




  A true classic sports car  
  This car looks good even with the top up  
  Norev is a high quality model car producer  
A crème color is true retro
Just look at those backlights
The wheels is one of the best I have seen on a model car
Very thin and realistic softtop
Note how fine the headlight lenses is made
This is the little brother of the 300 SL
Looking good from every angle
If you collect model cars in scale 1:18 this is a must!
Chocolate interior suits the car here
Fine lines in profile
Very detailed model
Look  how well the parts fit
With a friendly face
Many fine chrome parts
Mercedes Benz have always made fine well designed cars but 1950´ was the finest
A look from behind
A look to the cabin
A true 2 person sports car
The paint and prep work is fantastic on this model
I just love the Mercedes steering wheel from this period
The emblem on the deck lid is etched metal part
Very detailed instrument panel
Interior in class
A view to the 1900cc 4cyl. engine of 104 Bhp.
A fair detailed motor compartment
You can see the radio is tuned in on the instrument panel
A small trunk with the spare wheel




In a way that resembled the construction of the 300 SL model, which had been put together from existing structural components, another sports-type car was developed on the basis of the 180 model. In contrast to the famous wing-door coupé, the roadster 190 SL was not designed to be a true sports car, but an elegant and sporty two-seated GT car. The body, designed by Karl Wilfert and Walter Häcker had stylistically been derived from that of its older brother. The shortened framework of the 180 model served as chassis; a sophisticated space frame like that of the 300 SL was not required, because of its less extreme driving performance. The single joint cross shaft axle of the 220 a model ensured a high standard of driving safety, a fact that met with much praise among the press and motoring public. Front axle suspension including the sub-frame concept had been taken over from the 180 / 180 D Types. The 190 SL was powered by a new 1.9-liter four-cylinder unit with overhead camshaft which spawned a whole engine family and was also incorporated in de-rated form into the pontoon-type saloon 190. As in the saloons 180 D - 220 a, the engine rested on the sub-frame only at its front; from January 1956, however, a modified sub-frame was used, which featured two additional supports for the engine and, in slightly modified form, was also built into the new Types 190 and 220 S.

The 190 SL was presented to the public eye together with the 300 SL at the "International Motor Sports Show", which took place in February 1954 in New York. While the 300 SL was almost ready for serial production, the 190 SL model was still a prototype, in which had neither been tested technically, nor was it stylistically refined to an adequate level. Both aspects had been carefully revised, so that serial production did not start until January 1955 (pre series) and May 1955 (main series) respectively. The final version was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1955 for the first time with marked changes to its exterior: The most significant change was that the model now came without the stylized air inlet device on the bonnet. There were lancets above the rear wheel arches as well as modified bumpers and indicators or reflector lights.

The 190 SL came in three different versions: as roadster with a hood, but without a hardtop, as a coupé with removable hardtop, optionally with or without a hood. Another version, which was presented in the first brochures, a 190 SL with more pronounced sports-car characteristics with light-metal sports-car doors and a small Plexiglas wind screen was no longer advertised after spring 1956. A car with the sports-type accessories mentioned above, would have been rated as a serial sports car in competitions and would have had absolutely no chance. Because of the decision of FIA that a Gran Turismo, had to have a roof which could be closed completely, a condition, which the revised version of the SL clearly would not have fulfilled, a rating as a GT-car was out of the question.

Of the numerous improvements in detail, which were undertaken on the 190 SL during its time of production, some can be clearly distinguished from outside: In March 1956 broad chrome trims were fixed to the upper door rim and in June of the same year the 190 SL was fitted with the bigger taillights of the 220 a, 219 and 220 S models. In July 1957, illumination of the rear number plates was transferred to the bumper guards, so that the new broader number plates could be mounted easily. Thus the rear bumper guards, which before had been serially fitted on the US-models only. Now became part of the basic equipment but were at the front bumpers still only available at an extra cost. From October 1959 the coupés were equipped with a new hardtop with enlarged rear window, guaranteeing much better vision. Last but not least, the boot lid lock was changed in 1960; at the same time, the bow-type handle was replaced by a recessed door handle, which was also attached to the 180 Db - 190 b models.

Production numbers demonstrate how successful the 190 SL really was in its time: Between May 1955 and February 1963, as much as 25,881 cars were built in Sindelfingen, the majority of which were destined for the US market.

Technical specification:

Mercedes-Benz 190 SL
Produced: 1955–1963

Engine: 4-cylinder-inline engine (four-stroke), front-mounted
Bore x Stroke: 85 mm x 83.6 mm
Displacement: 1897 cc

Max. Power @ rpm: 105 PS (77 kW; 104 hp) @ 5700
Max. Torque @ rpm: 142 N⋅m (105 lb⋅ft) @ 3200
Compression Ratio: 8.5: 1, from 09/59 8.8:1
Fuel feed: twin two barrel side draft carburetors – Solex 44PHH
Fuel tank capacity: 65 L (17.2 US gal; 14.3 imp gal)
Valvetrain: SOHC, duplex chain
Cooling: Water

Gearbox: 4-speed manual, lever between seats
rear-wheel drive, standard axle ratio 3.90:1
Electrical system: 12-volt
Front suspension: Double wishbones, coil springs, stabilizing bar
Rear suspension: Swing axle, coil springs
Brakes: Drum brakes (Ø 230 mm), power assisted
Steering: Recirculation ball steering
Body structure: Sheet steel, uni-body construction

Dry weight: 1,160 kg (2,560 lb) (Hardtop: + 20 kg (44 lb))
Loaded weight: 1,400 kg (3,100 lb), from 1961 1,440 kg (3,170 lb)
Track front/
rear: 1,430 mm (56.3 in) 1,475 mm (58.1 in)
Wheelbase: 2,400 mm (94.5 in)
Length: 4,290 mm (168.9 in)
Width: 1,740 mm (68.5 in)
Height: 1,320 mm (52.0 in)
Tyre/Tire sizes: 6.40–13 Sport
Top speed: 171 km/h (106 mph)
Fuel Consumption (estimate): 12.5 liters per 100 kilometers (22.6 mpg‑imp; 18.8 mpg‑US)


Old brochures of the car








Pual Newman
1960 Mercedes 190SL

"Why do I love sports cars? Because–don't laugh–the thrill of skimming along in a low-slung speeder represents an important approach to life. A Great many philosophers have said that the significance is the journey, not the destination–and sports car enthusiasts like going places, not getting places. My red Mercedes seems to sum it up perfectly." –Paul Newman 1960















Video of the real car from YouTube

  1959 Mercedes Benz 190SL  
  1961 Mercedes Benz 190SL Roadster w/Hardtop  


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