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scale 1:18

Model number: 31180TOR


Review of the model:

When Ford launched the1939 model, the car was not very expensive. Today when the model maker of Maisto made the car in scale 1:18 it is also a budget model of only approx 40 euro. Can a model car in the low marked perform well? Let’s see…

Maisto make a variety of models of US cars and if you look around my website you will find the infamous 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz, but also my praised 1965 Chevrolet Corvette, were you get a lot for your money.

One of the first things that we see is the spectacular color of turquoise or light green. The only problem is that color was not available in 1939 Ford color program! The colors were more toned down in the grey/dark green spectrum. (please see the color card last in this article)  But I can not say that someone not had a car in this color. One thing for sure; the model is painted perfect and has a fine glossed polished body, with no flaws what so ever.

Maisto is known for the good wheels with good springs and realistic rubber tires – this Ford 39 will not let you down! The white wall tires, wheels and hubcaps are very good. (Please notice the well made blue V8 emblem on center of the hubcaps). On some of the lower priced models, the chrome parts are sparse and this is also true here, as the horizontal trim lines, door handles, gas cap and bezels around the rear lights are just painted silver – a bit shame as the other chrome parts on this car is good.

On some lover to middle priced models the door hinges can be the horrible “dogleg type”! But here we find the more exclusive spring hinges also seen on Sun Star models.
It is a bit of shame here as the real car had “old outside door” hinges as seen on many pre war models – Signature Models make them very realistic on their models!

Otherwise the window glass and headlights is well made with good details. A fine feature of this model are the doors, hood and deck lid all opens. And if we open the deck lid to the trunk we also notice a spare tire way back in the trunk. The interior is fine with light crème upholstery with matching golden wood instrument panel just like the real car.

When I review a model on this website I judge if the model needs some extra details such as a carpet in the cabin and trunk – I’m sure here; it will suit the model if a carpet was installed. The exhaust pipe need to be hollow out wit a small drill. Up on the front the friendly face of the car is due the sweet headlights and the chrome grill. The grill need some blackwash with black paint to enhance the perforated grill on the real car.

When we open the big hood, the fine model of the V8, 85 hp Ford motor is reviled and has  good details.

So here at the end of this review, will this little Ford be a winner? Maybe if you not have set your expectations to high. It’s a cute car and will fit well in to a collection of pre war US-cars. How about the color? - Maisto model cars are easy to disassemble, and you can always spray it in another more time correct color! Said in other words; this 1939 Ford Deluxe Coupe can give you many enjoyable hours at the body shop and the model can become a priced custom-made model for small money spent.


I will give this model 2 out of 6 stars  ******

Below here are pictures of the model, historical description, old brochures, technical data and a little movie clip for the real car. So please enjoy!





Hoax brochure frontpage



In profile

  A cute coupe  
With a friendly face
New grill for 1939 on the Deluxe models
Note the vertical trim line and door handle that should have been chrome but here only panted silver
The tires and wheels are very good a common feature on many Maisto models
Note the well made emblems in the center of the hubcaps
Flowing Art Deco lines
A fine paint and prep work on this model
Even the deck lid can be open here
The exhaust pipe had to be drilled out
The trunk have a spare tire
Not a 1939 factory green color!
A glimpse of the interior with golden wood instrument panel
Many features on this low priced model
Cosy and warm as your living room at home
A well made V8 motor with belt drive and air filter




Fans of American cars of the 1930s know well that the 1939 Fords, including the 1939 Ford Deluxe, adopted hydraulic brakes. After years of stubbornly resisting this advance in engineering as market rivals Plymouth and then Chev­rolet adopted it, Henry Ford abruptly reversed course in time for "juice brakes" to be applied to most '39 Ford Motor Company cars.

That was hardly all that was new on the 1939 Fords. In an effort to improve cooling to the L-head 221-cid V-8 standard in premium DeLuxe models, the frontal area of the radiator was increased. The engine itself, conservatively rated at 85 bhp, was upgraded with larger bearings and a heavier crankshaft that now drove the engine fan. Deeper springs were part of newly constructed seats.

Other elements of the 1939 Ford Deluxes were "old" -- or at least continued from recent years. They included traditional torque-tube drive and transverse leaf springs front and rear. The 112-inch wheelbase had been in place since 1933.

Though DeLuxes were dressed in sleek new frontal styling, bodies were essentially carried over from 1938. Nonsealed-beam headlights and windshields that popped open at the bottom for ventilation (on closed bodies) were both putting in their final appearances. So were the rumble seat (found only on the convertible coupe) and the four-door convertible body.

The base Standard series, powered by the unloved 60-bhp "economy" version of the Ford flathead V-8 hooked to a three-speed floorshift transmission, also sported year-old frontal styling on a limited number of body styles. The updated, better-trimmed, and more powerful DeLuxe came in a full range of bodies.

The most popular Ford of '39 was the DeLuxe two-door sedan (or "Tudor," as Ford playfully called it) with 144,333 produced. At a base price of $742, it delivered all of the passenger room of a "Fordor" sedan, but at a then-substantial savings of $46.

                                                                                                                                                   Technical specification: Please see brochure below.


Old brochures of the car





































Video of the real car from YouTube


1939 Ford Deluxe Coupe




The 1940 Ford Style Show - DeLuxe Ford Car

1938 Ford Technicolor Promotional Film


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