Chrysler D´Elegance concept car 1953





Best of Show

scale 1:18

Model number: BOS265


Review of the model:

Up to now, my knowledge of Concept cars from the fifties was rather sparse and I only knew a few!

So when I scanned the inventory of a Web-shop dealer from Germany, I most admit that I have seen this model car on several occasions, but thought this was a model car from the present! This Chrysler D´Elegance is so contemporary in any form of design, that you could meet this monster in any traffic crossing and think “Oh this is a new Chrysler”.

We often say this car is looking very futuristic when we are presented of a new model, but imagine back in the early fifties, when Chrysler came up with a gang of concept cars, that resulted in the final design of this very car, and presented it at the Paris Motor Show in Oct. 1952 – No one could predict that the luxurious cars of the 2010 would look nearly like this! And just to set this in perspective my Sun Star model of Chevrolet Bel Air Coupe is also from 1953. Not only a small step but a giant leap in Automotive design.

As you can read further down this article, this car is one of a kind! Therefore we must praise this model maker from BoS-Models (Best of Show) that they are willing to give us collectors an opportunity to own a piece of motor history in scale 1:18. If you like me - are not familiar with the brand of BoS-Models. They are a rather new company based in Germany with the production facility in China. There product line consists of model cars cast in resin in scales: 1:87, 1:43 and 1:18. All of the models in scale 1:18 are produced in limited numbers, and this very model is number 71 out of 1008.

Let us take a look at the model and see what BoS-Models have produced for us here:

Just to get started right we must have in mind, which this model is in the price range of 139.00 Euros so in my opinion this is a high price/ high end model.  When the parcel landed at my doorstep and the excided task of unpacking was ended. I was not disappointed as the box from BoS-Models looks very classy in its black color with gold emblems and letters. Inside was the safe inner box of Styrofoam and the model was in this form of cocoon shielded from any harms way. When the inner box was opened, the model was wrapped in soft paper.

This is a first time for me to have a resin model car in my hands. The first impression was it was very heavy, I will estimate over 1.5 Kg! But boy it was beautiful and exclusive. One of the things I first noticed are the gorgeous paint work this model has. The dark red metallic color, with tiny fine metallic flakes, is well proportioned regarding the scale of the car. This can often be an issue in small scale modeling, because of the flakes size.  A paint work is only as good, as the prep work and the surface it is applied on! Here the casting of the resin body is absolute flawless and the paint work most have taken a lot of careless handling, and a good polish afterwards – I have never seen a job on a model so well made before. So BoS-Model good job here!

Some model cars can be well made, but sometimes lack the attention on the windows, because of to thick plastic parts. Look at my 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham from Sun Star, a fine model, but the windows give a distortion like looking through an empty bottle of Coca Cola – I’m a bit harsh here, but you get my point.

But back to this model again. The windows here are realistic as they can be, with no distortion when looking through. Bos-Models have chosen a very thin sheet of plastic. They are fragile and you most always hold your fingers away from then. Remember this is NOT a toy car. You are holding a fine piece of art in your hands.

No reviews most forget the wheels on a model car. Here we have well made metal spoke wheels, with real rubber tires that are turning like a dream. The model seems to have fewer spokes on the wheels than the real car, but it’s only a minor issue in my book. Another thing I will like to point out here is, the windscreen vipers, they are made in etched metal and are realistic to scale. The model has emblems in etched-metal front, back and on front fenders.

The chrome work on the model car is impeccable, the bumpers, taillights, grille and bezels shines like a Diamont in the sun! But on all 1:18 models from BoS-Models the small chrome trim panels around the windows and wheels wells is painted in silver!  - And very well painted – but painted!  I will not have expected this of a model in this price range. But maybe BoS-Models have a reason for it?

The model has no opening doors or trunk and bonnet, therefore the gabs between the parts are perfect. The interior of the model is well made, with good looking leather seats as well as a fair instrument panel. On the rear seats of the car we see four matching leather suitcases as in the real car.

The quality control of the model is good, but on this particular model car, the front bumper was loose, as well as the rear interior can slide around inside the car!

When we shall sum it all up – We have a model with no working doors and lids. Therefore no detailed engine room or fancy trunk. The interior is dark and no carpet is present. The car has no spring suspension or movable steering wheels etc. Parts that are only painted in silver are widely used all over the model. The underside of the model has no resemblance with a real car. The model has under the half of parts than other typical die-cast models – and here to a price of over 200%!  

I have tried to take pictures of the model that really justified the car! I must say the model is even better in real life. The overall feel of quality and crafmanship is strong. I have never seen a model car with such a quality prep and paintwork. The chrome parts are fantastic, wheels are superb –don’t park a mid price model beside this model – this is not fair for the other model!

  • At a price of 139.00 Euros, will I now only buy models from BoS-Models? -No.
  • Will I buy more models from BoS-Model? Defiantly -Yes!
  • Is the model worth its higher price than other models?- Yes in some cases, but it is a subjective matter of each model collector – I’m still glad of models that have opening doors and good looking interiors.

If you like me, choose to give the 1:18, Chrysler D´Elegance 1953 Concept car a try. I’m sure it can be a subject of good “car-talk” whatever it parked on your office desk or in a cabinet at your home. The model is craving for attention and is a real “head turner”. I will recommend this model.


I will give this model 5 out of 6 stars  ******

Below here are pictures of the model, historical description, old brochures, technical data and a little movie clip for the real car. So please enjoy!





Chrysler D´Elegance 1953 one off Concept car



Look at those "gun sights" tail lights

  What a beautiful model car  
The spare tire is hidden behind the lid and are hydraulic operated from a bottom on the instrumentpanel
Look at the fabulous paint work on this model from BoS-Models
The metal flakes on this paint are very realistic to scale
Real metal spoke wheels do the car good
A red sports car is always attractive
Cool looking tail lights
A potent masculine car for the "real man"
Note the etched emblem from Ghia body works in Italy on the front fender
The trim rim around the wheel well is painted / printed in silver - hope it could have been liquid metal paint!
This car is "forward looking" as only one rear mirror is present
This car is looking good from any angle
Four big suitcases in matching interior colors was standard accessories
A fairly low detailed instrument panel and interior
A fine glove compartment
Don't mess with me! the front of any Chrysler is always like a predator
Lets find a hotel in Monte Carlo




Chrysler D’Elegance

by Karl Smith

The story of the Chrysler D’Elegance begins, interestingly enough, in the 1940s at Studebaker. That marque’s fabulous two-door Starlight coupé was an instant design classic. But its designers, Virgil Exner and the great Raymond Loewy quarreled over design credits, and Loewy soon dismissed Exner.

Chrysler, fighting to overcome its long history of frumpy designs, hired Exner to enliven the brand. Exner, with his hand-picked team of young designers, began work on a very successful series of luxury coupés that toured the country as halo cars that pointed to great things ahead for Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, and DeSoto. The first of these, the K-310, was a luxury coupé that would form the basis of a whole fleet of design experiments.

During this time, Chrysler, like many of the Detroit car companies, was cultivating a relationship with the Italian carrozzeria that was re-emerging after World War Two. Chrysler and Ghia would work a series of cars together in the 1950s, and their design chiefs, Exner and Luigi Segre, would form a strong professional and personal relationship. The most significant of these co-developed models was an updated K-310 with a more sophisticated, continental-sounding name: D’Elegance.

The sporty coupé was a 5194mm-long and 1372mm-high three-seater with a long hood, a short nose, a fastback and a surprisingly long rear overhang. The D’Elegance featured a number of Exner design flourishes that would become staples of Chrysler styling for the next decade: full wheel arches trimmed in chrome, an embossed spare tire on the rear deck with a spare mounted on a telescoping hydraulic assembly for easy removal, 17-inch wire wheels, and gun sight tail-lights.

The front of the car was a refinement of the K-310 with similar headlights and grille, albeit with a less apologetic expression and stronger overall appearance. The optimal view of the car seemed to be from the rear three-quarter, which displayed the sculpture of the car to greatest effect.

The interior had been sketched out in purely a schematic way, and although hardly an afterthought, was not as sophisticated as the exterior. Still, it featured a leather seat with a hidden pull-down armrest, leather trim on the dash and an aero plane-like array of instruments for the driver to monitor. Included with the design was a bespoke set of luggage in matching trim, that fit snugly behind the front seats.

The car was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in October 1952 and was a great success. However, despite rumors of a limited run of 25 cars for Europe, Exner himself confirmed that this was not the case and the D'Elegance would remain a one-off.

The design, however, would live on through the connection between Ghia and the German coachbuilder Karmann. Volkswagen had a hit on its hands with the Beetle, but, like Chrysler, wanted a sportier car to bring attention to the brand. It turned to Karmann, who was building convertible bodies for VW at the time, and Karmann turned to Ghia, which came up with sketches that were essentially a scaled-down and simplified version of the D’Elegance, whose long rear overhang would be perfect for the rear-engine VW.

The Karmann Ghia made its debut in Paris in 1955 and would go into production soon after. Chrysler design personnel were fearful of Exner’s reaction to the copied design, but when he saw the photographs of the little VW, Exner seemed pleased.

The reason for Exner’s reaction are not recorded, but the most-likely reason was that Exner had already moved on from the long-tailed look of the D'Elegance, with the first of the 'Forward Look' Chryslers arriving in the same year as the Karmann Ghia, while the dramatic 1957 models, with their elegantly sculpted bodies and the first of a series of outrageous tail-finned designs, were only 18-months away. The D’Elegance, for all its classic looks, already seemed like the product of another era.

In a way though, the D’Elegance – and, by proxy, the Karmann Ghia – would arguably prove to be Exner’s most successful design. The latter was in production from 1957 to 1974, and almost half a million were built in Europe and Brazil. The design, which could be traced back to the 1940s, would outlast tailfins, and the Forward Look cars, and even the 1960s design languages of Exner’s successors at Chrysler.

It is a long winding road from a glimmer of an idea at Studebaker, to a concept car from Chrysler and Ghia to production at Volkswagen. Yet the one-off coupé’s influential design remains eye-catching to this day, with the D'Elegance fetching $946,000 when it was sold at auction in 2011.





Technical specification



Is it only me - I cant, and will not see any resemblance between the Chrysler and VW Karman Ghia




Old brochures of the car































The real car in front of Behring Auto Museum




Video of the real car from Youtube




Chrysler D´Elegance 1953



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