Chevrolet C-20 Fire Truck






scale 1:18

Model number: 1383


Review of the model:

The Chevrolet C-20 Fire Truck is one of many releases of Sun Stars line of trucks. One could ask, is there a marked for model cars in trucks? Oh yes try to look at others manufactures in scale 1:18. You can nearly get them all, from the 30´s up to the late 60´s.

And when we speak of Chevrolet, you can choose between Styleside (wheels inside the load deck) or Stepside (wheels on the outside). The type of vehicle was a revolution not only for the farmer, but also for the small business or a private person who have to move heavy things around. Soon it became fashionable for youngsters to cruise Saturday nights in such a car.

These types of cars have roots all forward to the modern 4x4 SUV sold today.

Chevrolet trucks came in different categories, as more and more types of works were in demand. The C20 from Chevrolet was available as a firefighting truck. The task of building the chassis on the frame was done by the Coach building companies, just like busses and Ambulances. The companies were vastly spread all over the US. To name a few: La France, Howe and others. I was not able to find out who made this particular c20 fire truck. Like here in Europe, small communities in the US. Is heavy dependable of volunteer fire fighting. This is also the case here with this truck from Upper Lancaster vol. Fire. Dept. Lively, Virginia. The real car has now retro license plates and is in private ownership.

Sun Star from China had the C20 Fire truck in their inventory in scale 1:18. Let’s have a closer look on this fine model car. The model is from the U S A. Collectibles series. This is not a high cost model as the Platinum series. Does this mean it’s a low cost/low detail model car? - Not in any way! You got a big heavy truck, with a vastness in features and richness in details all over.

The normal flatbed trucks from Sun Stars have features such as opening doors and hood and rear door etc. Here we are spoiled with emergencies lamps and searchlights. I can surely say, without going over the top here. Lots of “bells and whistles”. You will find hooks, and hoses on the side racks of the car. On the roof of this firefighter, a big roll of hoses and a integrated water tank will trill all small boys, that just had growing a bit older. Try to open the back of the car, and a room full of spades and hacks etc. will surprise you. On the topsides on the truck, we see fire extinguisher and a pair of cocks for the pressure water. If this was not enough, the platform in front of the bumper houses a wire winch and a big megaphone. If you are a fan chrome parts as I, you will not be disappointed as this model is glittering in the sun. This is maybe why Fire trucks have a big place in every “healthy” boy’s heart.

Let us take a look of the more ordinary parts the Chevrolet truck have. Open the doors and we look inside the interior of the truck. The cream leather seats are fine, and the instrument panel is also well made, just have in mind this is not a Cadillac. A beautiful made wooded steering wheel. The glass of the windows are well done with none heavy distortion.

Again the wheels, hubcaps and real rubber tires are perfectly made. Under the hood lay the powerful Chevrolet V8 engine. The motor room detailing is okay for a price level like this.

Here at last a few words about the overall quality of this model. When Sun Star really shins like in this case, it’s hard to believe they can make money on this production. The models parts shall count in hundreds, and every part is made with biggest care and respect of the real car it represent. This is a work that I only can take my hat off for!

This model is becoming harder to find. I had to wait for this model to be mine. (It can sometimes be hard to lay restrictions on yourself) – But one can’t buy all at once.

Later now it has been out of stock here in all web shops in Europe. Lastly I looked there was one in Slovenia!  Other vice in America, EBay can maybe help you. But if you will like to purchase this – hurry up, this will soon be out of stock all over – And no wonder why, as this C20 Chevrolet, Fire Truck from Sun Star is a collectible gem. I will go so far to say: Buy it! - even if you don’t collect model cars

I will give this model 5 out of 6 stars  ******

Below here are pictures of the model, historical description, old brochures, technical data and a little movie clip for the real car. So please enjoy!




  1965 Chevrolet C-20 Bush Fire Truck  
  A gem from Sun Star  
  Out in the sun  
In profile
Well made lenses and glasswork on this model
Get in folks we are on the move!
I love the fire extinguisher on the stepside
Vol. Fire Dept. A car for heroes
Look what we find here
The small community in Virginia is getting famous by this model
Under the hood is laying the V8 motor with power torque
Sun Star have made a fine model here
Chevrolet on the backdoor
If you like fire trucks!!!
Fine details all ower
Lots of chrome
A model car there is hard to resist
Soft seats
Interior is fine for the price level
Wire winch below the bumper
Instrument panel
Workhorse but still cosy





The C/K was Chevrolet and GMC's full -size pickup truck line from 1960 until 2000 in the United States, from 1965 to 1999

The 1960 model year introduced a new body style of light pick-up truck that featured many firsts. Most important of these were a drop-center ladder frame, allowing the cab to sit lower, and independent front suspension, giving an almost car-like ride in a truck. Also new for 1960 was a new designation system for trucks made by GM. Gone were the 3100, 3200, and 3600 designations for short 1/2, long 1/2 and 3/4-ton models. Instead, a new scheme assigned a 10, 20, or 30 for 1/2, 3/4, and 1-ton models. Since 1957, trucks were available from the factory as four-wheel drive, and the new class scheme would make this known. A C (conventional) in front of the series number indicates two-wheel rear drive while a K denotes four-wheel drive.

Actual badging on Chevrolet trucks carried the series name system from the previous generation in 1960 and 1961: the 10, 20, 30, and 40 series (C and K) were badged as "Apaches", 50 and 60 series trucks were badged as "Vikings", and the largest 70 and 80 series models were marked "Spartans". In 1960, C/K trucks were available in smooth "Fleetside" or fendered "Stepside" versions. GMC called these "Wide-Side" and "Fenderside." Half-ton models were the C10 and K10 long-bed and short-bed trucks, and The 3/4-ton C20 and K20, as well as the one-ton C30, were also available. GMC did not use the "C" nomenclature, though their 4x4 versions had the "K" designation. GMC model numbers for 1/2, 3/4, 1, and 1.5 ton were 1000, 1500, 2500, and 3000. The 1.5 ton Chevrolet C40 and GMC 3000, which were using the light-duty cab (but only as chassis-cab and stake models), were discontinued for the 1963 model year.

The 1960, 1961, and 1962 models used torsion bar front suspensions, with trailing arm suspension rears. Trim lines were base and "Custom." Engines included the base GMC 305 in3 V6 for the GMC version, 135 hp (101 kW) 236 in3 (3.9 L) and 150 hp (112 kW) 261 in3 (4.3 L) straight-6s, and a 283 in3 (4.6 L) V8 with 185 hp (119 kW).

A coil-spring front suspension came in 1963, along with a new base engine, a 140 hp (104 kW) 230 in3 (3.8 L) I6, and an optional 165 hp (123 kW) 292 in3 (4.8 L) I6. The cab was changed for 1964, with elimination of the "wraparound" windshield and a new front grille design, along with various interior changes, keeping the original design on the body. Air conditioning and a 220 hp (164 kW) 327 in3 (5.3 L) V8 came in 1965. A new base engine finished the model in 1966 with a 155 hp (116 kW) 250 in3 (4.1 L) I6.


Technical specification:


Also called

– C10/K10
– C20/K20




Pontiac West Assembly, Pontiac, Michigan
Dover, England
Seoul, South Korea
Shanghai, China
Oshawa, Ontario
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Body and chassis


Chevrolet Suburban



230 in3 (3.8 L) I6
236 in3 (3.9 L) I6
250 in3 (4.1 L) I6
261 in3 (4.3 L) I6
292 in3 (4.8 L) I6
305 in3 (5.0 L) V6
283 in3 (4.6 L) V8
327 in3 (5.3 L) V8


3-speed synchromesh manual
4-speed synchromesh manual



127 in (3,226 mm) (long box: ½-ton & ¾-ton models)
133 in (3,378 mm) (1-ton models)


186.875 in (4,747 mm) SWB
206 in (5,232 mm) Standard
216.25 in (5,493 mm) LWB


78.75 in (2,000 mm)


71.25 in (1,810 mm)



Old brochures of the Chevrolet Truck









Pictures from Upper Lancaster vol. Fire. Dept. Lively, Virginia.



Chevrolet C-20 (1969)



Chevrolet C-20 (1969)



Chevrolet C-20 (1969)



Chevrolet C-20 (1969)


Chevrolet C-20 (1969)


Video of the real car from Youtube

(1965 Chevrolet C-10 Styleside)




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