Buick Riviera Limited Coupe 1958






scale 1:18

Model number: 4801

  Review of the model:

Let me first give credit to Sun Star for making this model of a rather rare Buick. This car vas only produced in 1026 numbers. So now; maybe Sun Star has more models out in the world than Buick did in 1958!

Normally I buy my models from new by a dealer. But here I was able to get a model secondhand that was not in stock here in Europe at that time, also this particular model was out of production. The seller came to my door with the model. All in all a deal that was hard to ignore. The downside of the purchase: No box, Missing right door mirror, no brochure and no Platinum badge. And the model car had lived is first years in a display cabinet with only sparse cleaning. Furthermore when I started to clean and polish the model. I discovered the two "gun sight" front fender ornaments, was also missing in action! - Maybe this deal was not as good as I first expected!

I wrote to Sun Stars office in Hong Kong for help about spare parts. But without any answer and help.

But hey - Always see the world from its bright side!

As a model builder with some years experience, I took the bull by the horns and made new "gun sights" of spare etched metal parts. Later after, when the pictures in this article were taken. I made a new side mirror of styrene plastic and putty. Painted it with Liquid Chrome from Molotov - My wife canít tell the difference

New mirror

This car is so beautiful, with the fine design lines and all the chrome - I say Chrome  buy the tons! I think in 1958 this car had the "world record" in chrome! and surpassed even Cadillac. The rear lights are a masterpiece in design and must have cost a fortune to produce back then. Sun Star has made the model in my opinion one of the most handsome color schemes: Laurel mist / Ivory white. This model of Buick Riviera Limited is part of Sun Star Platinum Series, to whom that don't know. It is their high end or premium series. Here the models have more details such as spring suspensions, etched metal emblems and higher details in interior, trunk and motor room. You will not be disappointed if you decide to purchase this model car. It will be a showstopper in any living room, office desk or where you choose to display it.

Is the model flawless? Yes or nearly yes! - If I shall be a bit nitpicky.....

One issue is the color deviation in the Sun Star metallic paint. Or itís not the paint itself, rather the method when the spray paint is applied - Take a look on the model side door and compare to the front and rear fenders (most notable in picture no. 17 and 18). Why is the door a bit darker? I have a theory: If the body of the model car is spray painted in horizontal movements and the doors are hanging on hooks facing vertical up/down. Hereafter the doors are assembled with the body - turned 90 degrees- You will have the notably effect due to the small metallic flakes in the paint...... Itís only a theory.

Remember this is only for metallic colors on the Sun Star models. 

I will give this model 5 out of 6 stars  ******

Below here are pictures of the model, historical description, old brochures, technical data and a little movie clip for the real car. So please enjoy!



Buick Riviera Limited was longer than the Roadmaster



Have a look inside cozy and comfort

  The panel lines are well designed  
Ride in style then and now
The Buick Riviera Limited is famous for the 15 slats on the rear fenders
Note the massive chrome and beautiful rear lights
Carpet and rubber floor mats - and note the headliner too
Moveable steering wheel, sunshades and seat rest
Just love the color scheme
She lovely from the rear!
We all invited inside
Note the chrome emblem on the bonnet for the trunk
All doors and hatches are open
Wheels and hubcaps nicely detailed note the red rim color from the hub
Nice small door gabs
A massive grill designed to give the car a face - do it smile or showing teeth
Note the door color deviation mentioned earlier
Land yacht or Cruiser
The trunk is padded in carpet and the spare tire with jack is also present
Homemade "gun sights" ornament on the front fenders
Note the sticker on the rear window to brag with the cars air-conditioned
The motor compartment bristles with detail from air filter sticker to cooling hoses etc.



The Buick Limited was an automobile built by Buick between 1936 and 1942 and during model year 1958. Since 1959 Buick has used the "Limited" name to denote those models which featured a high level of trim and standard options in its various model ranges.

The Buick Limited series was revived in 1958 as the ultimate Buick for the model year, using the GM C platform. In a model year where General Motors's answer to Chrysler's "Forward Look" was to update its 1957 Buicks and Oldsmobiles by slathering them in excessive amounts of chrome, the 1958 Buicks received the ultimate treatment.

Each Buick Special, Century and Roadmaster received a Fashion-Aire Dynastar grille, cast of 160 chrome squares, each, according to Buick PR pieces, "shaped in a design to maximize the amount of reflective light". Buick also added quad headlights and three emblems bearing a stylized "V", one a medallion on the hood and the other two as gun-sight fender-toppers. The Buick "Sweepspear" side trim, a styling hallmark since 1949, was joined by broad chrome panels attached to the rear quarter panels. Tail lights were housed in massive chrome housings; each trunk lid received a chrome grip in the center. Wheelbase was 127.5" and 227.5"long.

In comparison to the junior models in the Buick lineup, the Limited was slightly more restrained. Each Limited traded its chromed side panel trim for a body color-keyed insert decorated with fifteen slanted hash marks (three groups of five). The Limited also received its own rear tail treatment that traded the heavy chrome tail light housings for a wraparound tail light lens broken up by four chrome bands. Rear bumper "Dagmars" housed "Dual Jet" back-up lights. Power brakes were standard.

Available only as a four-door hardtop, two-door hardtop coupe or convertible, the Limited rode Buick's 127.5" wheelbase, with its body stretched 227.1", just shy of nineteen feet in length. Inside, buyers were treated to high quality fabrics in sedans and coupes, full leather in convertibles.

However Buick sold only 7,438 Limiteds, (1,026 2-door coupe) due in part to their price. The Limited's four-door hardtop sedan started at a base price of $5,112, which was $221 higher than Cadillac's extended deck Series 62 four-door hardtop sedan ($4,891) of which Cadillac sold 13,335 units.

For the 1959 model year, Buick renamed its entire lineup, with the Roadmaster becoming the Invicta and the Limited becoming the Electra 225.




Technical specification:


1958 Buick Limited Series 700

Riviera Coupe

Standard Specifications


Original Base Price


No. Produced




Body Maker


No. Doors




Model Number







127.5 inches


227.1 inches


79.8 inches


61.2 inches

Front Tread

60 inches

Rear Tread

61 inches




V8 Valve-in-head


364.17 cu. in.



Bore & Stroke

4 1/8 & 3 13/32 inches

Compression Ratio-Std

10.0 to 1

Compression Ratio-Opt

Not applicable

Brake Horsepower


Rated Horsepower




Main Bearings


Valve Lifters


Block Material


Engine Numbers


Engine No. Location

On the right part of block, in front of valve lifter cover.


Pressure to all bearings excluding wrist pin




Downdraft 4-barrel


Carter or Rochester




Dynaflow automatic


Rear wheel drive

No. Of Gears


Gear Ratios


Clutch Size


Axle Type




Differential Ratio





Ball joint with coil springs


Coil springs

Steering Gear





4 wheel hydraulic drum

Front Size

12 inches

Rear Size

12 inches


Rear service brakes


12 inches

Other Systems Specifications


Exhaust System


Ignition System

Distributor and coil



Cooling System

Centrifugal pump with thermostat


Tube and center

Wheel Type

Steel disc

Wheel Mfr


Wheel Size

15 x 6

Tire Type

4 ply

Tire Size

8 x 15

Spare Location





20 Gallons


5 Quarts


25 Pints

Cooling System

16.5 Quarts

Rear Differential

6 Pints


Old brochures of the Buick 1958







































Video of the real car from Youtube (Convertible)



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