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When I started to collect model kits of IJN ships back in 2005, my goal was to build my models without a big ever increasing expensive library. But that was a theory that was hard to follow, as my need for information regarding the ships grew. Thanks for the internet; many details can be obtained through different websites and from fellow modellers and fora. But when we go in-depth of some of the details such as armament and rebuilding etc. In a particular timeframe the best proof is authentic pictures. It is fantastic what have emerged in these years here. New evidence is been found via. IJN experts on online fora, as well as hidden and forgotten pictures, now come up via EBay. Some books that were regarded as proof in the 1970 - 80's are now bypassed by new titles from authors all over the world. We now live in a time where subject such as IJN merchants has their own book, big "bibles" about IJN cruisers, battleships, IJN aircraft Sqn. and carriers etc. There have never been so many new releases of IJN model kits as now, -Re-tooling and a whole” New Navy” in scale 1:350, special PE-set's of super detailing the ships is also "out in the streets now"- IJN modelling is alive as ever!

When I started to purchase IJN related books. I started to pick up some of the famous titles and also some of the books that were available in a short period. I'm not afraid of books in foreign language, as the subject is to narrow to out lock some books, just because of their origin. Remember this is not stamp collection - this is serious history studying :-)

I will in try to review as many different series of books that are available. also remember the amount of information will decrease over time, as more books you will purchase, just to the fact that many books lay close as references from other earlier releases. But at a point a new release of a picture or drawing will give you the benefit and reward that will justify the book expense. This is always a cost/benefit race. That you and I most have in mind. The cost of the individual books can vary considerably from country to country, but the web shops worldwide will give you lots of opportunities to shop with discount and faro able shipping cost - So happy hunting!

It's a jungle out there! This section of my website is intended to help fellow modellers and IJN enthusiast, who will study the various building processes by books, or just learn more about IJN model building in scale 1/700. The opinion is subjective and the texts reflect my thoughts and experience. I will of course be objective in my rating and reviews. But I must emphasize that I, as editor will be honest and fair, as I represent the modeller’s community and have no economy bound in the releases of the books.




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Japanese Warship at War Vol. 1 & 2


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