Boeing B747SP

Boeing B747SP Pan Am "Billboard" Colors. "Clipper Young America". N533PA Herpa 517997
Boeing B747 SP Alliance Air ZS-SPA Herpa 515107
Boeing B747 SP-09 Mandarin Airlines B-1862 Herpa 511643
Boeing B747SP-21 United "1980s" Colors. Named "Friendship One". N147UA Herpa 511797
Boeing B747SP-86 Iran Air "1990s" Colors. EP-IAD Herpa 511995

Boeing B747SP   Air Namibia oc. Etosha. VS-SPF Herpa 502573

Boeing B747SP   Pan AM Clipper Mayflower. N530PA Herpa 512244

Boeing B747SP   Qantas City of Traraigon. VH-EAB Herpa 511582
Boeing B 747SP-B5   Korean Air Lines "1970s" Colors. HL7457 Herpa 511988
Boeing B 747SP-31   American Airlines N602AA Herpa 504003
Boeing B 747SP-27   Braniff International "Flying Colors - Orange".  N604BN Herpa 511605
Boeing B 747SP-31   TWA "1980s" Colors. N57202 Herpa 512312
Boeing B 747SP-44   Royal Air Maroc "1990s" Colors. CN-RMS Herpa 513708






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