Boeing B747-200

Boeing B747-200B Airlanka 4R-ULF Herpa 516785
Boeing B747-212B Pan Am  "1980s - Billboard" Colors. Named: "China Clipper II". N723PA BigBird BB5-2005-XX
Boeing B747-259B Avianca "1980s" Colors. HK-2300 Herpa 50140s

Boeing B747-200 combi.   Cameroon Airlines Cameroun Montain. TJ-CAB  Herpa 502498

Boeing B747-200B   Olympic Airways oc. NA Herpa 502405

Boeing B747-200   USAF United States of America Air Force One 28000 Herpa 502511

Boeing B747-200F   Air France Cargo F-BPV? Herpa 502450

Boeing B747-200F   Polar Air Cargo N921FT Herpa 502634

Boeing B747-200B   Swissair oc. HB-IGA Herpa 513272

Boeing B747-200B   Swissair oc. HB-IGA Inflight 500 IF5742009
Boeing B747-230B Condor "1970s" Colors. D-ABYR Netmodels 1801162s

Boeing B747-200   Lufthansa oc. D-ABYJ Starjets 3557501

Boeing B 747-256B   Iberia "1990s" Colors. Named "Tirso de Molina". EC-DIA Herpa 502696

Boeing B747-200SUD F   KLM Cargo Taking things Further Wilbur Wright. PH-BUI Starjets 3557529
Boeing B747-200 SAS white colors "Huge Viking" N517MC Inflight 500 IF5742015
Boeing B747-200B SAS WB colors "Knut Viking" SE-DFZ Inflight 500 IF5742003

Boeing B747-200B   SAS "1970s" Colors "Ivar Viking" OY-KHA C&C MN 81003

Boeing B 747-243B   Alitalia "1990s" Colors. I-DEMY Herpa 503075

Boeing B 747-246B   JAL Ways "Reso´cha - Purple colors" JA8111 Herpa 512503






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