Boeing B747-100

Boeing B747-123 (SCA) NASA N905NA Herpa 513111
Boeing B747-122 United "Friendship" Colors. N4735U Herpa 504126

Boeing B747-131   Pan Am Clipper America. N747PA Starjets 3557512

Boeing B747-100   TWA Trans World Airlines nc. NA Herpa  502504

Boeing B747-100   TWA Trans World Airlines Dubbel Stripe livery. N17126 Starjets  3557625

Boeing B747-100   Braniff International BIG Orange. N601BN Starjets  3557513

Boeing B747-100   American Airlines Chrome. NA Starjets  211705

Boeing B747-100   NorthWest Airlines Bowling shoe livery. N641US Starjets  75133

Boeing B747-081SR   All Nippon Airlines oc. JA8136 Herpa  747ANA







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