Boeing E-3

Boeing E-3A Sentry AWACS NATO OTAN "25 Years NATO E-3A Component" Colors. LX-N90443 Herpa 515269

Boeing E-3A NATO OTAN LX-N90459  Herpa 515139
Boeing B707-300        
Boeing B707-338C British Caledonian Cargo "1970s" Colors G-BDEA Inflight 500 IF5707012

Boeing B707-300F   DAS Air Cargo 5X-JEF Herpa 511759 OG custom wheels.

Boeing B707-300 combi   MEA Middel East Airlines OD-AHE Herpa 511674 OG custom wheels.

Boeing B707-330B   Lufthansa Delivery color. D-ABOS Herpa 512831

Boeing B707-330CRE   German Cargo D-ABUO  Herpa 512329 

Boeing B707-331   TWA  Trans World Airlines "1960s - Twin Globe" Colors. N18709  Herpa 510264 

Boeing B707-321B    Pan American World Airways "Clipper Emerald Isle". N880PA  Herpa 510448 












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