Boeing B707-300

Boeing B707-331 TWA  Trans World Airlines "1960s - Twin Globe" Colors. N18709  Herpa 510264 

Boeing B747SP

Boeing B 747SP-31  TWA "1980s" Colors. N57202 Herpa 512312

Boeing B747-100

Boeing B747-100 TWA Trans World Airlines nc. NA Herpa  502504

Boeing B747-100 TWA Trans World Airlines Dubbel Stripe livery. N17126 Starjets  3557625

Douglas DC-9-10

Douglas DC-9-14 TWA "Double Globe" Colors. N1501T Herpa 514446
Lockheed L-1049G 

Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation  Trans World Airlines "1960s" Colors. N6937C  Herpa 510462 


Lockheed L-1011-100 Tristar TWA "1980s - Twin Stripe" N31033 Herpa 515016








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