Dash 8-400        
Dash 8-Q402 Qantas Link "2008s" Colors VH-QOJ Herpa 509558

Boeing B737-800


Boeing B737-838 Qantas "Yananyi Dreaming" VH-VXB Herpa 501392

Boeing B747SP


Boeing B747SP Qantas City of Traraigon. VH-EAB Herpa 511582
Boeing B747-300

Boeing B747-338 Qantas Nalanji Dreaming VH-EBU Herpa 503952
Boeing B747-400

Boeing B747-438 Qantas Wunala Dreaming. VH-OJB Herpa 511865

Boeing B747-438 Qantas Formula One. City of Melboume. VH-OJC Starjets 3557618

Boeing B747-438 ER Qantas "Long Reach" VH-OEF Starjets SJQFA169








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