Boeing B377
Boeing B377 Stratocruiser Pan American World Airways " Clipper America" NX-1024V Herpa 514071
Airbus A300-200
Airbus A300B4-203  Pan American World Airways "Billboard" Colors. Named "Clipper Panama". N207PA  Herpa 512800 

Boeing B707-300

Boeing B707-321B  Pan American World Airways "Clipper Emerald Isle". N880PA  Herpa 510448 

Boeing B727-100

Boeing B727-021 Pan American World Airways "1970". "Clipper Berolina". N357PA  Herpa 512633 

Boeing B727-021 Pan American World Airways 1970 "Clipper Berlin". N324PA  Starjets SJPAA106 




Boeing B727-200

Boeing B727-2D4A  Pan American World Airways "Clipper Berlin". N361PA  Starjets SJPAA109A 

Boeing B727-221A  Pan American World Airways "Clipper Peerless". N365PA  Starjets SJPAA109B 

Boeing B727-235  Pan American World Airways Billboard "Clipper Charmer"  N4734  Starjets SJPAA170 

Boeing B747-100

Boeing B747-131 Pan Am Clipper America. N747PA Starjets 3557512

Boeing B747SP


Boeing B747SP Pan AM Clipper Mayflower. N530PA Herpa 512244
Boeing B747SP Pan Am "Billboard" Colors. "Clipper Young America". N533PA Herpa 517997

Boeing B747-200

Boeing B747-212B Pan Am  "1980s - Billboard" Colors. Named: "China Clipper II". N723PA BigBird BB5-2005-XX


Lockheed L-1011-500 Tristar Pan Am "1980s colors". Named "Clipper Black Hawk". N511PA Herpa 504911s




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