Airbus A319-100

Airbus A319-114 North West Airlines "1990s" Colors. "City of Duluth". N301NB Starjets SJNWA129
Boeing B727-100

Boeing B727-051 Northwest Orient Chrome "1980s" Colors. N472US  Starjets SJNWA128C 
Boeing B747-100

Boeing B747-100 NorthWest Airlines Bowling shoe livery. N641US Starjets  75133
Boeing B747-400
Boeing B747-451 Northwest Airlines  "1980s" Colors." N661US StarJets 2717054
Boeing B747-400 NorthWest Airlines Bowling shoe livery. City of Tokyo N637US Starjets 3557636

Douglas DC-10-30 NorthWest Airlines/KLM N237NW Herpa 500005

Douglas DC-10-40 NorthWest Airlines NA Herpa 500104







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