Convair 880        
Convair 880 Delta Airways N8817E Inflight 500 IF5880001

Canadair CRJ-200ER

Bombardier Canadair CRJ-200ER SkyWest Delta Connection N413SW Herpa 511803

Douglas DC-3

Douglas DC-3 Delta Air Lines "1950s" Colors. NC28341 Herpa 512800 
Boeing B727-200
Boeing B727-232A Delta Airlines "Widget" Colors. N514DA StarJets SJDALSET1
Boeing B727-232A Delta Airlines "Interim" Colors. N513DA StarJets SJDALSET2
Boeing B727-232A Delta Airlines "Deltaflot" Colors. N512DA StarJets SJDALSET3

Boeing B767-400

Boeing B767-432 ER  Delta Air Lines "2003" Colors. N829MH Herpa 512480 

Boeing B777-200

Boeing B777-232ER  Delta Airlines nc. N863DA Starjets SJDAL019


Lockheed L-1011-500 Tristar Delta Air Lines "Widget" Colors. N759DA  Herpa 504898







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