Boeing B377

Boeing B377 Stratocruiser AOA American Overseas Airlines 90941 Herpa 514101

Boeing B727-200

Boeing B727-223A  American Airlines "Polished" Version.  N706AA  Starjets SJAAL151A 

Boeing B727-223A  American Airlines "Chrome" Version.  N706AA  Starjets SJAAL151B 
Boeing B727-232A American Airlines "AstroJet" Colors. "Chrome" N6809 StarJets SJAAL184

Boeing B737-800

Boeing B737-823 American Airlines "Astrojet" Colors. "Polished" Version.  N951AA  Starjets SJAAL159 

Boeing B747SP

Boeing B 747SP-31 American Airlines N602AA Herpa 504003

Boeing B747-100

Boeing B747-100 American Airlines Chrome. NA Starjets  211705

Boeing B757-200

Boeing B757-223  American Airlines "Lighting Bolt" "Chrome" Version.  N679AN  Starjets SJAAL167B 



Boeing B767-200

Boeing B767-223 ER  American Airlines  NA Herpa 504294 
Boeing B777-200

Boeing B777-223ER  American Airlines "Polished" . Registration. Should be N777AN. N777AL  Starjets SJAAL061 
McDonnell Douglas MD-11

McDonnell Douglas MD-11 American Airlines chrome N1763 Starjets SJAAL062C 

Embraer ERJ-145 LR

Embraer ERJ-145 LR American Eagle N624AE Skyliners 500 2717052




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