Tupolev TU-114        
Tupolev TU-114 Aeroflot "1970s" Colors. CCCP 5611 Herpa 518215
Tupolev TU-134A
Tupolev TU-134A Aeroflot "1990s" Colors. RA-65566 Herpa 510585
Tupolev TU-134A Aeroflot "2004s" Colors. RA-65566 Herpa 514354
Tupolev TU-144        
Tupolev TU-144S Aeroflot "1970s" Colors. CCCP 77101 Herpa 519168
Tupolev Tu-154B2

Tupolev Tu-154B2 Aeroflot "1990 Colors" CCCP-85390 Herpa 510547
Tupolev Tu-154B2 Aeroflot  "1980s" Colors."Official Olympic Carrier" Logo. CCCP-85217 Herpa 510547
Antonov AN-124-100

Antonov An-124-100 Aeroflot "1990s" Colors. RA-82012 Herpa 510707
Ilyushin Il-62
Ilyushin Il-62 Aeroflot "1960s" Colors CCCP-86671 Herpa 514750

Iluyshin IL-86

Ilyushin IL-86 Aeroflot "1960s" Colors CCCP 86015 Herpa 515399
Iluyshin IL-96        
Ilyushin IL-96-300 Aeroflot "2004s" Colors. RA-96015 Herpa 509886

Boeing B737-400

Boeing B737-4M0  Aeroflot "Flot" Colors. NA Herpa 505819 
Boeing B767-300
Boeing B767-36N ER  Aeroflot "1990s" Colors. NA Herpa 513081 
Boeing B767-306ER Aeroflot "Bolsco Sport Olympic" VP-BWX  Inflight 500 IF5763012
Boeing B777-200

Boeing B777-2Q8ER  Aeroflot "Flot" Colors. NA Herpa 506571 



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