Airbus A340-300

Airbus A340-313X   SAS nc. SE-REA Herpa 507356
Airbus A340-311   Airlanka  "1990s" Colors. NA Herpa 504584
Airbus A340-311 Srilankan 4R-ADF Herpa 516785

Airbus A340-313   Iberia "Rosiala de Castro". EC-GHX Herpa 504645



Airbus A340-313X   SAS nc. SE-REA Starjets SJSAS132

Airbus A340-313X   Olympic Airways "1990s" Colors. "Marathon". SX-DFC Starjets SJOAC131

Airbus A340-312   Air Jamaica  "1990s" Colors. "Spirit of Jamaica". 6Y-JMC Starjets SJAJM105

Airbus A340-313X   BWIA West Indies 9Y-TJN Starjets SJBWA174

Airbus A340-313X   Lan Chile "2000s" Colors. CC-CQC Starjets SJLAN104



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