Airbus A330-200

Airbus A330-243 Gulf Air "2004s" Colors. A40-KE Herpa 514170 
Airbus A330-223 Etihad Airways A6-AUH Herpa 514538

Airbus A 330-202   Canada 3000 NA Herpa 508360
Airbus A 330-223   Air Greenland "2000s" Colors. "Norsaq". OY-GRN Herpa 508575
Airbus A330-300

Airbus A 330-301   Air Lingus "1990s" Colors. Named "St. Patrick". EI-DUB Herpa 508322

Airbus A 330-322   LTU "1990s" Colors. D-AERG Herpa 508315



Airbus A330-323X US Airways "1990s" Colors. N678US StarJets SJUSA156

Airbus A 330-322   Thai Intl. Airways "Royal Barge Amazing Thailand" ""Srichulalak". HS-TEK Starjets SJTHA136

Airbus A 330-343   BMI British Midland  G-WWBM Starjets SJBMI135A



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