Airbus A300-200
Airbus A300B4-203 Continental "Red Meatball" Colors. N970C Herpa 514378
Airbus A300B4-203 Eastern "Hockey Stick" Colors N223EA Herpa 513418

Airbus A300F4-203    MNG Cargo "Danzas" Colors.  TC-MNC Herpa 508414 
Airbus A300B4-203F  TNT Airways Late "1990s" Colors G-CEXI  Herpa 501903 
Airbus A300B4-203    Pan American World Airways "Clipper Panama". N207PA  Herpa 512800 

Airbus A300B2K-3C    South African Airways "1996s" Colors. "Blesbok". ZS-SDA  Herpa 501934 
Airbus A300-600
Airbus A300B4-603    Lufthansa  NA Herpa 516303 

Airbus A300B4-622R    JAS Japan Air System "1990s" Colors. JA8735  Herpa 501873 
Airbus A300C4-605R    City Bird  "1990s" Colors. Named "Pelican".  OO-CTT  Herpa 501910 

Airbus A300-600ST

Airbus A300B4-608ST    Airbus Industries "Beluga 3". NA Herpa 512084 






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