Boeing B767-DER Polish Airlines LOT "1990s" Colors. At the maintenance hangar and getting a check before flight

I had always believed that LOT livery is one of the best of the former east-block countries; therefore it is a must for me to have the models from Polish Airlines and B 767-200 in particular. I was lucky to find a specimen at a German dealer on the net.

But I could not live with the mould of the 1995-1996 but we have to wait another while yet before Herpa will re release the model in NG. Therefore I decided to make my own customized model of the OG version.


1.      The worst thing about the model is the cockpit windows and the nose. I found a Decal advertise on the net intended to lager scale aircraft models it was just a matter of scaling down to 1:500. And then print the cockpit windows out on my printer. The paper I use was ordinary plain paper because photo paper will be to thick and visibly on the model. I cut the windows with a pair of scissors and leave a line free of the windows to indicate the window frames and to cower the old windows as well. I used water-based glue with a brush to attach the paper on the model.

2.      The OG landing gears is also a thing of the past now but many collectors as me, has quite a number of OG models in their collection - So I wanted to make my own custom gears. The front gear is by far the worst and I must say it do not justice to the model. I make a new one using steel threads for the pin and axel. And for the wheels I use rubber insulation from a small electrical wire.

3.      The main landing gear on a size of a model as B767 is not to bad, but of course not as good as on NG models. I cut the big metal wheels out of the grey plastic pins, and reuse the smallest metal wheels from the nose gear plus 3 spare wheels from former models. The cut line was glued with superglue and the "New" wheels got grey paint on the hubs.

4.      The last thing was to paint the engines cowls black inside as well as the fan blades. Its a matter of taste -but I think the model looks more realistic with "black paint" inside. Herpa/Hogan models have it! . I use thin water base semi matt black paint because I can remove the superfluous paint with water soaked swaps -also make the centre of the spinners be silver to indicate the "spiral.

I know that the best way to improve the model will be with real decal etc. But I am not as far in my skills yet - But one thing is sure for me I have a lot of fun to give her (not a nose job) - but an eyebrow and feet job!!!



Boeing B767-DER Polish Airlines LOT "1990s" Colors. With her modifications

Specifications by model
  767-200 767-200ER 767-300 767-300ER 767-300F 767-400ER
Cockpit crew Two
Seating capacity,
181 (3-class)
224 (2-class)
255; optional 290 (1-class)
218 (3-class)
269 (2-class)
290; optional 350 (1-class)
N/A 245 (3-class)
304 (2-class)
409 (1-class)
Cargo capacity 2,875 ft (81.4 m)
22 LD2s
3,770 ft (106.8 m)
30 LD2s
15,469 ft (438 m)
30 LD2s + 24 pallets
4,580 ft (129.6 m)
38 LD2s
Length 159 ft 2 in
(48.5 m)
180 ft 3 in
(54.9 m)
201 ft 4 in
(61.4 m)
Wingspan 156 ft 1 in
(47.6 m)
170 ft 4 in
(51.9 m)
Wing area 3,050 ft (283.3 m) 3,130 ft (290.7 m)
Fuselage height 17 ft 9 in (5.41 m)
Fuselage width 16 ft 6 in (5.03 m)
Cabin width
15 ft 6 in (4.72 m)
Maximum fuel
16,700 US gal (63,000 L) 24,140 US gal (91,400 L) 16,700 US gal (63,000 L) 24,140 US gal (91,400 L)
empty weight
176,650 lb
(80,130 kg)
181,610 lb
(82,380 kg)
189,750 lb
(86,070 kg)
198,440 lb
(90,010 kg)
190,000 lb
(86,180 kg)
229,000 lb
(103,870 kg)
takeoff weight
315,000 lb
(142,880 kg)
395,000 lb
(179,170 kg)
350,000 lb
(158,760 kg)
412,000 lb
(186,880 kg)
412,000 lb
(186,880 kg)
450,000 lb
(204,120 kg)
Maximum range
3,850 nmi (4,430 mi; 7,130 km) 6,385 nmi (7,348 mi; 11,825 km) 4,260 nmi (4,900 mi; 7,890 km) 5,990 nmi (6,890 mi; 11,090 km)
WL: 6,310 nmi (7,260 mi; 11,690 km)
3,255 nmi (3,746 mi; 6,028 km)
WL: 3,575 nmi (4,114 mi; 6,621 km)
5,625 nmi (6,473 mi; 10,418 km)
Cruise speed Mach 0.80 (470 knots, 530 mph, 851 km/h at 35,000 ft (11,000 m) cruise altitude)
Maximum cruise
Mach 0.86 (493 knots, 567 mph, 913 km/h at 35,000 ft (11,000 m) cruise altitude)
Takeoff distance
at MTOW (sea level, ISA)
5,800 ft (1,768 m) 8,300 ft (2,530 m) 7,900 ft (2,410 m) 8,300 ft (2,530 m) 8,600 ft (2,621 m) 10,200 ft (3,109 m)
Engines (x2) P&W JT9D-7R4
P&W PW4052
GE CF6-80A, A2, or C2
P&W PW4052, or 4056
GE CF6-80C2
RR RB211-524G or H
P&W JT9D-7R4
P&W PW4052
GE CF6-80A, or C2
RR RB211-524H
P&W PW4056, 4060, or 4062
GE CF6-80C2
RR RB211-524G, or H
P&W PW4062
GE CF6-80C2
Thrust (x2) GE: 50,000 lbf (222 kN) PW: 63,300 lb (282 kN)
GE: 62,100 lbf (276 kN)
PW: 50,000 lbf (220 kN) PW: 63,300 lbf (282 kN)
GE: 62,100 lbf (276 kN)
RR: 59,500 lbf (265 kN)
PW: 63,300 lbf (282 kN)
GE: 63,500 lbf (282 kN)



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