Boeing B767-200
Boeing B767-25DER Polish Airlines LOT "1990s" Colors. NA Herpa 504256

Boeing B767-2N0 ER    Air Zimbabwe "1990s" Colors. NA Herpa 504232 

Boeing B767-223 ER    American Airlines  NA Herpa 504294 
Boeing B767-300

Boeing B767-383 ER    SAS Scandinavian Airlines "1990s" Colors. NA Herpa 502719 

Boeing B767-35E ER    EVA Air  B-16603  Herpa 502887 

Boeing B767-3Q8 ER    Aeromexico "1990s" Colors. Fake Registration.  XA-HHH  Herpa 502870 
Boeing B767-306ER Aeroflot "Bolsco Sport Olympic" VP-BWX  Inflight 500 IF5763012
Boeing B767-36N ER    Aeroflot "1990s" Colors. NA Herpa 513081 NG
Boeing B767-316F ER    Lan Chile Late "1990s" Colors. CC-CZZ  Herpa 512039 

Boeing B767-346   SWAL Southwest Air Lines  JA8267  Herpa 502979 



Boeing B767-306 ER    KLM   "1990s" Colors. Named "Ponte Rialto/Rialto Bridge". PH-BZE Starjets SJKLM026
Boeing B767-33A ER    Alitalia "1990s" Colors. Named "Alberto Nassetti". I-DEIC Starjets SJAZA092
Boeing B767-36N ER   Kenya Airways  "1990s" Colors. 5Y-KQZ Starjets  SJKQA115
Boeing B767-33A ER    Hawaiian "2000s" Colors. Named "Kolea". N580HA Starjets SJHAL154

Boeing B767-338 ER    Australian Airlines  VH-OGJ Starjets SJQFA277 

Boeing B767-38E ER   Asiana  HL7263  Starjets SJAAR075 

Boeing B767-400

Boeing B767-424 ER    Continental Airlines "Mid 1995s" Colors. N76401  Herpa 512381 

Boeing B767-432 ER    Delta Air Lines "2003" Colors. N829MH  Herpa 512480 



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