Boeing B727-200

Boeing B727-2J4A    Royal Aviation "1990s" Colors. NA Herpa 503037 OG custom wheels

Boeing B727-251F   TNT Airways Late "1990s" Colors. OY-SES  Herpa 503112 OG custom wheels
Boeing B727-232A Delta Airlines "Widget" Colors. N514DA StarJets SJDALSET1
Boeing B727-232A Delta Airlines "Interim" Colors. N513DA StarJets SJDALSET2
Boeing B727-232A Delta Airlines "Deltaflot" Colors. N512DA StarJets SJDALSET3

Boeing B727-2D4A    Pan American World Airways "Clipper Berlin". N361PA  Starjets SJPAA109A 

Boeing B727-221A    Pan American World Airways "Clipper Peerless". N365PA  Starjets SJPAA109B 

Boeing B727-260A    Ethiopian "1980s" Colors. ET-AHK  Starjets SJETH050 

Boeing B727-233A    Air Canada "1980s" Colors.  C-GAAD  Starjets SJACA142 
Boeing B727-232A American Airlines "AstroJet" Colors. "Chrome Version". N6809 StarJets SJAAL184

Boeing B727-223A    American Airlines "Polished" Version.  N706AA  Starjets SJAAL151A 

Boeing B727-223A    American Airlines "Chrome" Version.  N706AA  Starjets SJAAL151B 

Boeing B727-235    Pan Am Billboard "Clipper Charmer"  N4734  Starjets SJPAA170 

Boeing B727-256A    Viasa Venezuela YV-125C  Starjets SJVIA187 

Boeing B727-230A    Olympic Airways Named "Mount Vermion"  SX-CBH  Starjets SJOAC188 

Boeing B727-269A    Kuwait Airways Named "Warba"  9K-AFA  Starjets SJKAC175 







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